this one goes out to my nan

there are those questions,
with answers that are just to hard to find
love being just one of them,
love,its just to hard to describe
so what is love
i don't know how to describe it
its not something you can define
so ill show it

look up at the night and feel the moonshine down
look at the sun through the rain
a rose in the dirt
my heart and yours
my heart and yours together, joined,, never to part
you have been in my eyes, my heart and soul since the day i was born
you've left your impression and it ain't ever gonna walk

so i take the key and open up my heart
there you are taking up a huge part
look a little deeper and you'll be able to see
memories of me,
memories of you,
with us together
i couldn't ask for anything more

you angelic creature sent down from above
to calm out my muffled cries
to teach me right from wrong
and up from down,

but you failed

because when I'm with you i want to shout my love
i don't know if its right or wrong to love someone so much,
but i keep loving
and when I'M with you i feel i can fly, i no i can fly
no dream is to far away, there closer than they seem

over time there's been some great caroline's
but non better than mine
shes always there
i call her nan, i call her mine
Ive never had to worry
never had to care
because i always new she'd be there
and she is,
no matter where we are
i no were connected, conected by stars
i look up at the dark nights sky and i no I'm not alone
because once in a while i see a star,
and to the past i go
each star is a hug, or a kiss she gave me
so i no I'm loved because there always there

with her, there is no dark side of the moon,
so I'm never cold when she's away
the light is the light
and the dark is the sun, always keep me alive and warm
she is my Deity and with out her where would i be
id be alone with no one to protect me
i feel her love every time its warm
i feel her there watching over me, never to far away
from the day I'm born till the day i die i no she'll be there
when I'm lonely or when I'm down
when i cry and when I'm sad
she's always there to cheer me up
so how do i love you
i love you with my heart, i love you more than words can explain
so when ever u feel lonely and whenever you feel sad
look up at the star's and feel the loving raining down from my super special nan

Submitted: April 11, 2009

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This is really good :) you deserved to make it in bubbly's top ten this is great! keep it up!

Wed, July 8th, 2009 6:47pm

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