(COMPLETED) Dani Adams never thought she'd have any fun over the summer. Her parents hauled her away from her home town in Maine off the Virgina for some fun in the sun.

Dani wouldn't have believed she'd find love along the way . . .

Table of Contents

Sleepless Night

Dani Adams never thought she'd have anny fun over the summer. Her parents hauled her away from her home town in Maine off the Virgina for some fun in the sun.

Dani wouldn't have believed she'd find love along the way . . . Read Chapter


Craziness I went back to bed, actually got some sleep and woke up three hours later. I stumbled into the kitchen at the smell of panc... Read Chapter

Confusion Doesn't Cover It

Confusion Doesn’t Cover It When I rose out of unconsciousness, I was spitting up water while someone rubbed my back. “That’... Read Chapter

I Just Can't

I Just Can’t I was woken the next morning by the vibrating sensation of my phone. I set an alarm on it for four forty five so I cou... Read Chapter

Tomorrow . . .

Tomorrow . . . Alex and I spent the rest of the day together. Conversations about our families, schools we’ve been to, experiences ... Read Chapter

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces “So, when you closed your eyes you heard your friend, Claire, screaming your name, asking for help.” Alex replayed ... Read Chapter

Awkward Dinner

Awkward Dinner Dinner was very . . . quiet. Alex and I sat at the very end of the table while the rest of the family was on the other... Read Chapter

The Final Goodbye

The Final Goodbye My stupid alarm clock woke me up at six fifteen the next morning. I dragged my butt out of bed, pulling Alex’s je... Read Chapter

This Doesn't Feel Like Home Anymore

This Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore What has felt like a twenty-four hour car ride which was only about eight, we finally turned on... Read Chapter


Remembrance Two weeks later . . . School’s here again and I’m finally a junior. Woo-hoo! Yeah, I guess I’m kinda excited ab... Read Chapter

The New Kid

The New Kid Lunch had come along (finally) and Claire and I had been looking for a place to sit. I saw Sawyer over in the corner of t... Read Chapter

Welcome Back

Welcome Back Slowly, ever so slowly did dance time come around. I was in a strapless, black dress that went down to my feet, cove... Read Chapter

A Night Unforgettable

A Night Unforgettable The night had gone on and on and I was actually having a blast. Sawyer and I had danced god only knew how many ... Read Chapter

A Change Of Pace

A Change Of Pace I woke up from unconsciousness with a gasp. Two hands come down on my shoulders, keeping me down. “Easy, easy,... Read Chapter

Missing Her Isn't Healthy

Missing Her Isn’t Healthy [Alex] Something was definitely wrong, I kept thinking as I showered in the locker room after swim ... Read Chapter

I'm Over You

I’m Over You When I woke up the next morning, I was still snuggled up against Adams chest.His arms were still wound around me and I... Read Chapter

Home Is Where The Heart Is?

Home Is Where The Heart Is? Back at home, Claire was there to greet me. She had my room all tidied up and she made me chicken noodle ... Read Chapter

A Midnight Walk

A Midnight Walk Shortly after my cry fest with my mother, she suggested I head off the bed. Which is what I told her I’d do. But wh... Read Chapter

It's All Lies

It's All Lies The next day at school, I tried my hardest to avoid Adam. Which was kinda hard when we had Biology together and we just... Read Chapter

Talking About It Doesn't Always Make It Better

Talking About It Doesn’t Always Make It Better Adam I’ve never been nervous when it came to these “sessions”. I’ve ha... Read Chapter

No Regrets

No Regrets School ended and I hadn’t seen Adam all day. Of course, that was my plan in the first place but that was before he start... Read Chapter

His Painful Past

His Painful Past He pushed me into a room that could have been his bedroom and closed the door. “Sorry about her,” he said. ... Read Chapter

The Anticipation!

The Anticipation! [Alex] While I packed up my clothes Tony searched hotels in Maine for us to stay in. “Dammit, man, these ... Read Chapter

The Difference In Feeling

The Difference In Feeling When Alex’s icon turned grey, saying he was offline, I pushed away from thecomputer, jumped onto my bed a... Read Chapter

Her Decisions

Her Decisions [Alex] Waking up to Tony’s loud snoring in my ear was one thing. But waking up to my phone ringing and finding it... Read Chapter

Days Left

Days Left I was woken up really early in the morning when my phone went off. It was a text from Alex. Leeving my house rite now!!... Read Chapter

She's My Safety

She’s My Safety Adam It was hard to just watch her go. I wanted to walk beside her, hold her hand, feel her hip knock against m... Read Chapter

Scars Of The Past

Scars Of The Past As soon as school was let out, I looked for Claire so she could give me a ride to The Studio. I found her sucking f... Read Chapter

A Knightly Greeting

A Knightly Greeting Adam drove me home after that. He walked me to the door and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Then he asked me o... Read Chapter


Togetherness The next day at school, Adam was waiting for me by my locker. He was holding one white long stem rose that I guessed was... Read Chapter


Finally! Boone barked again as I ran down the stairs, fell to my knees in front of him and threw my arms around his big form. Tears w... Read Chapter

She Is Love

She Is Love [Alex] “Man, can you make this hunk of junk move faster?” I asked Tony. We were finally around Dani’s neighborh... Read Chapter

Guilt And Shame

Guilt And Shame On the ride back home, I was feeling guilty about leaving Adam the way I did; practically being swept away by Alex. B... Read Chapter

Awkward Situations

Awkward Situations By the end of the movie, Alex had guessed right that I would cry. It’s the look in Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautif... Read Chapter

She's Mine

Adam She’s Mine As soon as I saw them walk off, hips bumping, Dani’s laugh filtering the air; I knew this guy was someone I w... Read Chapter


Consequences I must have dosed off for a little while. But, who could blame me? I was wrapped in the most comfortable and loving blan... Read Chapter

This Isn’t Happening

This Isn’t Happening [Alex] “Tony! Wake your ass up!” I hollered at him as I threw on a shirt. A text from Dani worried me ... Read Chapter

Such A Mess

Such A Mess I woke up from the annoying sound or the doorbell ringing. Alex was soundly asleep besides me, legs curled up to his ches... Read Chapter

The Past Rears Its Ugly Head

The Past Rears Its Ugly Head [Alex] I woke up the next morning in the bathroom, my face glued to the floor. I was able to sit up ... Read Chapter

Patched Up

Patched Up At school, I still couldn’t believe Alex. He made such a stupid choice the other night. He acted so immature, so careles... Read Chapter

Rainstorms And Invasions

Rainstorms And Invasions Just like Adam had promised, he was waiting in the car for me in the hospital parking lot. The rain had gott... Read Chapter

That Was Unwanted

That Was Unwanted Alex I peered down at Dani for the thousandth time. Ever since the police arrived at Adams house to investigate... Read Chapter

Me and My Theories

Me and My Theories “Dani?” I expected Alex’s voice to appear outside my door but I was surprised to hear Tony. Ever since I... Read Chapter

I’ve Heard Enough

I’ve Heard Enough The next morning I found myself not being able to get out of bed. Everything hurt, I had a headache and my eyes w... Read Chapter

I'm The Last To Know

I’m The Last To Know After I got done explaining to Mrs. Richards everything Alex and I had found out, she couldn’t have called t... Read Chapter

It’ll Always Be Different After This

It’ll Always Be Different After This Alex was released the next day. Tony picked us up, practically carrying Alex into the car beca... Read Chapter