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This is a an essay I had to do at school for english, it was an opinion piece about racism, referring to the Martin Luther King speech, I got a pretty good mark for it, so I hope you all think it's good too ^^. Please leave comments and tell me what you think, thank you

Submitted: January 20, 2010

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Submitted: January 20, 2010



Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am a year nine student from the school of Werribee Secondary Collage, and the issue I am going to address is about racism, which I am absolutely against, for many reasons. Racism has been around for a while now, and personally, I think racism is a prejudice and cruel way to think, and this disgusting behaviour should not be allowed to continue on. This idea of racial segregation is just nonsense, and there is no need for the separation of races, and the colour of skin is not a voluntary choice, so it’s uncalled for to judge people because of it, and also, some of the treatment and what people say towards African Americans, which I find sick and wrong. I hope you take a minute to read my reasons for why I am against racism, before you go and judge a person by his/her colour.

People who think racism is tolerable and correct are either ignorant or stupid. What happened to the good old days when people got to know a person before judging them rather than the look of them? This idea of judging a person this way is nonsensical and unrealistic. Even the very thought to make certain people feel uncomfortable is sick, cruel, and disgusting. If you feel there is a reason to hate someone, then give a valid reason, if your reason is the look of someone, then I say you need to grow up. You need to learn that there is a decent human being behind the mask you judge by, that African Americans are just as important and respectful as you or I. Seriously, if you’re going to judge someone for their looks, then how does that make you feel good? The idea of racial segregation, to be separated by race, is wrong!

If History has taught me anything, it’s taught me how ignorant people used to be. People had to eat and drink and different taps and restaurants because of the colour of their skin. It’s not just the past either, the thought of racial segregation still lingers in the thoughts of modern day people. But I believe that there is no need for their medieval thoughts, as there is no need to be separated by race. We’re meant to be living in a world that has moved on, not twiddling in the devastating past. It’s not a voluntary thing to be born the way you are, so there’s no need to use that as a reason for hatred.

Some people are born with blue eyes or blond hair, some people are not. Some people are born with curly hair, some people are not. Some people are born tall, some people are not. Everyone doesn’t get a choice for what they look like, it is mandatory. So what I don’t understand, is that people find a display they don’t like on someone, and use it to hate someone. That’s exactly what people use to dislike African Americans. This idea to hate someone for their looks is childish and uncalled for, it’s not their fault, and it never was, the only enemy in the world is people who think that way, making African Americans going distraught.

Martin Luther King, a famous African American man who delivered his ‘I had a dream’ speech at the Lincoln Memorial, 1963, believed that there was a chance that racial segregation could be no more, and everyone can believe in harmony. I also believe in that, and some of the things people say to describe African Americans, is inexcusable. ‘Negro’, this word is a horrible word to emotionally cripple an African American. This word should never be allowed, should never have been allowed, for I disagree with the way it’s used to describe innocent people in a horrible way.

I would now like to conclude my letter by saying, people who think that racism is the way to go and correct are messed up or ignorant. The idea of racial segregation is petty and childish. People don’t get a say for how they’re born, so to judge them for it is uncalled for and a horrible excuse to hate someone, and the horrible treatment towards African Americans like calling them ‘negro’ is a disgusting thing to say or even think. If this racial discrimination keeps going on, then everyone may as well hate everyone.

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