Let the Good Sense Prevail

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Argument between the two long time colleagues led to unimaginable situation. Both were arguing with the top of their voice. Neighbors gathered to calm the situation. One of them even called the police. It was settled after the intervention of the police. The topic of the argument was whether God always roaming and grant whatever expressed either good or bad. One gentlemwn was in favor of it. Another was against it.

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012




Let Good Sense Prevail

Rajaram is a retired senior executive of the Public Sector Company located in a small town Pavanpur. His colleague Laxman Rao is also retiredPublic Relation Officer(PRO)and staying in one portion of Rajaram’s house on rent. Having worked a very long period together, both of them maintained cordial relationship. They left their native place Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh about 40 yearsback in search of employment.Luckily, both havegot jobinthe same company. After serving 35 years in the company purchased a twin open plots on the outskirts of the city with an intention to construct a house thereon. Rajaram was in a position to complete the house within a stipulated time. But Rao could not complete the construction of his house due to some personal problems. He requested Rajaram to let out one portion to him. Rao was under the impression that staying very close to his plot; he may supervise the construction and complete it as early as possible. In view of his genuine need, Rajaram agreed to let out keeping small portion. Just two days after the tenant occupied, Rajaram wanted to enquire about him as a matter of courtesy.

"How are you my good friend Mr.Rao?" asked Raja ram.
"If I say I am okay, it will be nothing but a false. On the other hand, if I say otherwise, my conscious does not permit. Better not to ask such silly question."
"Rao, you must always say I am okay. The Almighty is always moving around us. Whatever we express He will grant."
"I don't believe in such meaningless argument. Do not try to fool others. Please show a single instance, where a person had such an experience.”
Rajaram was not expected such a rude reply from him. He thought it better to stop asking further and left the place.
But after one hour Rao went to Rajaram and asked, "Raja, you have left without analyzing my reply."
"Why should I waste my precious time in such worthless argument? You don’t believe, what I say. No purpose would be served to argue with a person like you.” said Rajaram.
"How do you say it is worthless argument?" questioned Rao.
Their argument continued without compromise. At one stage it went on to heated argument with the top of their voice as if both were fighting each other. On that day their wives and grownup children were out of station.
Sensing some trouble, people nearby gathered and enquired what was going on. They tried to pacify them and utterly failed in their efforts. Ultimately, one of the neighbors lodged a complaint with the police. He had clearly mentioned in the FIR to stop the senseless argument and his six year old son was preparing for exam.

Inspector of Police without making further delay visited the spot and realized the position. He was successful in settling the issue peacefully as he was known to them since a long time. He was none other than a relative of Laxman Rao.

Later it was revealed that though Rao was highly qualified and knowledgeable lost his thinking power due to a horrible accident, in which he lost his only son. Rajaram realized the reason of his friend’s rude behavior. He became more cautious to speak with him and felt very much for his pitiable condition. After six months Rao vacated the house and moved to his own house.

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