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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a class room, the front row is considered as a prestegious seats for the students. But in of the schools, it was an exception for only one particular subject class. The reason for this was to protest against the teacher.
Why students took such strange decision to boycott front row for only one class? Whether they have succeeded in their effort?




I was working as an officer in the bank. It was a small branch with three officers (including branch manager), four clerks and one peon. Sometimes gossip among the colleagues would create misunderstanding without knowing the reality. Sunayana and Manoj were working in our bank as an officer and clerk respectively. They became friends in spite of their vast difference of age. Manoj was 28 and Sunayana was 40. Manoj was a bachelor and Sunayana was married and a mother of ten year old son.  The other colleagues were closely watching their movements.


One day at the commencement of the business hours of the bank, one of the officer colleagues, whose name is Ravi came to me with latest news.


“Do you know Mr. Balaji about the love affairs of Manoj and Sunayana?”


I was surprised to hear such a strange and unbelievable news from him.


“Who said they are lovers? Unless, you know perfectly do not come to the conclusion. Before suspecting others, you should think thoroughly. Moreover, it is their personal matter. You are not supposed to interfere in other’s private affairs.”


“I know it is purely their personal matter. Being a responsible person in the bank, I cannot close my eyes. I am one hundred percent confident by observing their free movement.”


“I don’t agree with you.  Sunayana is older than Manoj and a mother of ten year old son. She is a sober and respectable woman.”


He went out without defending his argument.


……… …………. ………….


After one month, Manoj invited all the colleagues for his wedding on coming Sunday. In the wedding hall, it was revealed to me by Sunayana that she took initiative to arrange Manoj’s marriage, as the bride happens to be her close friend. Sunayana’s husband Rajesh, who is a senior manager in another bank entrusted the work of matrimonial alliance of a girl with Manoj. In this context, Sunayana was talking to Manoj frequently and visiting to nearby canteen for coffee. Moreover, Manoj and Rajesh belong to same place and they were maintaining cordial relationship.


Ravi was busy with other friends. I called him to meet me outside the hall. He rushed to me and asked me the reason for calling.


“Sometime back, you told me about Manoj and Sunayana.”


“Yes sir! I remember and there is no wrong in suspecting others.”


“Do you know the reality?”


“No sir, I don’t know.”


I told him the reason for her free movement with Manoj. He became upset and requested me not to tell others about his suspicion. I further told him to stop suspecting others without knowing the facts. If I spread the same news like Ravi to others, what would happen?  Ravi realized his mistake and tendered apology to me.








Submitted: July 14, 2012

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It's a moral story for children. If the teacher's bad habit adversly affect the students? To teach a lesson to the teacher students adopt unique method of protest. Ultimately, the students succeeded in their effort. I think,the children like this story.

Sat, July 14th, 2012 2:22pm

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