Love is more than just a word.

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love is more than just a word.

Submitted: April 08, 2010

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Submitted: April 08, 2010



 Love Is more than just a word.

i stood there. in the cold deserted room. he just walked out of my life. gone. forever.

i felt the tears drop down my rosey red cheeks, staining my face. my angelic voice

cracked as i shouted his name i wanted him. more than i could ever imagine. he was

my life. my love. my heart and sole. ' i consider love more than just a word ' but did

he mean it? or was it lies. my heart was thumping. skipping a beat every second.

i really wanted to walk out that door and call after him, was it any use? will

he listen to me? my feelings for him could no be described in any word.

any volcabulary invtented on this planet. if only i could have one more chance.

one more chance to prove to him i did truley adore him. i took a deep breath

i turned on my heels and you could here the sound of my shoes ehcoing

in the damp barren streets of delby avenue. i repeated his name. he turned to me

' im sorry... forgive me. my life won't be worth living if you are not in it ' but was that enough?

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