The Elegy of Perjury

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One of my original poems.

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012




I hate all the liars

who say everything’s gonna be OK

why do you lie

when everyone knows the truth?

For the youth?

For the hopeless?

For the dying?

It won’t help them

it can’t reach them

if it’s not true

You say the light will never die,

but what if it won’t show the way?

What if it doesn’t exist?

Purity no longer exists

those who want to save the world

are on their own

because the rest of us

lost hope long ago.

Blind faith and empty promises

won’t get us anywhere

one day the sun won’t shine

and we will be shrouded

in only darkness.

Most will be blinded

distraught that they weren’t saved

but not us.

The ones who prepared for the night

who are ready to shoulder

the lost

not caring feeling

of the cold winter’s grasp.

Some will follow

the moon’s false glow

and be lead

to the great apathetic depth

of the forsaken abyss.

Others will wander

searching for something in nothing

in the desert of wretchedness

there is no escape

from the aphotic dream

that will drag us all

into melancholia.

Where the liars atone

and the charlatans are tormented

where the world

will fall

to its knees

in lamentation.


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