Innocent Proposal

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Would after 10 years Matt say yes? Ana is waiting for an answer and she has everything planned to ask his dear boyfriend, Would you marry me?

Submitted: June 19, 2011

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Submitted: June 19, 2011



My lover was supposed to get at my apartment at 8 o clock, and the watch was yelling me – I had set an alarm so I would know – that in any moment soon I would be hearing a strong knock at the door. My heart couldn’t stop jumping inside my chest, I was totally crazy but I had to take my chance in what I was about to do. A shamed punctuality is not taught in college because my lover needed some type of instructions with it. It was already ten minutes past ten; I was starting to feel uncomfortable, what if he doesn’t show up. No, Matt wouldn’t ditch me without a text or a phone call, I thought. I decided that I was doing nothing sitting there waiting for my friend. In the cd player was already playing song #1 again. I stood up and turned it off with a harsh click in the stop button, I felt bad the machine had not fault Matt was late. I checked my watch again, then my phone scream watch, C’MON I yelled, WHERE ARE YOU? Of course I got no answer because I yelled to myself, so stupid. Yeah and stupid was I thinking that he would take serious what I asked. God, was I any simpler with him? I thought that it was a waste of time looking around at the beauty of the place, so I stood up to check everything was ready – for the 100th time.

So if you really love me. Say yes, but if you don't dear, confess. 
Great choice of song I thought, it would be the perfect song for him to say, “Got you, not I won’t marry you.” 
And please don't tell me perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
At least the CD was new so it wouldn’t stop, or stick singing, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, as I am about to ask him, “Would you marry me?.” It would be a mood killer for him to ask, what was wrong the CD player, I would lose my courage and I wouldn’t ask him. Hey I am not doing anything bad here; other girls have asked their boyfriends to marry them in social events, graduations. Perhaps – great that word again – I took the idea for one of them. So, I told myself once again that I was not crazy. Indeed our relationship needed to move on to the next step or end. We been dating for almost 10 years, and I was tired of his, “Afraid of commitment” excuse. I was thinking like dancing, that’s the best thing about music it can change your mood in seconds. I went to the bathroom and checked that everything was in its place. Thanks god, I didn’t set the bath for the water would be cold. Nevertheless, I had already filled it with rose petals and infuse oils already. I am a totally romantic freak and that’s something that I admire of myself. So romantic indeed, the place smelled of roses, the lights were dim, and the table set with candles. The bed sheets where changed - I wanted white sheets cause white sheets invite lust, and it would highlight the red on the petals. Even though everything seemed perfect was the point of having everything ready if he wasn’t here. I started to feel bad, and uncomfortable, when suddenly a strong knock on the door made my heart melt. I swear I crossed the halfway to the door in less than thirty seconds, I checked myself in the mirror, and finally opened the door. “Sweet heart you are late,” began I to say when for my surprise it wasn’t him. It was the delivery kid. “Did I forget to pay you,” I asked confused and nervously looking down the hall, praying that Matt were a few more minutes late. As expected I wanted to receive him alone, not while I am dealing with a situation. “No, Miss,” the kid started to explain, “I forgot to give you the change.”
I explained that it was his tip money, and waved him goodbye. I couldn’t believe it, thirty minutes past 8 and no sighs of Matt. What should I do? Text him or call him, maybe he was stuck in traffic but Matt usually take the train to get to my house. I had nothing better to do than to wait. It wasn’t that late anyway. I kept breathing in and out trying to clam myself. I search for my phone, I had missed it somehow, and I was beginning to freak out when a knock on the door made me jump. I took a few seconds to breath, relax, and control my emotions. But, what a huge, huge, and mega huge disappointment when I opened the door, “I am sorry Ms. …,”the woman that I had in front of me made a paused and after searching me up and down, what was wrong with her? Finally said, “Ms. Martinez, the mail kid mistaken your address and your junk ended at my steps.” She was wearing a huge fur coat, and had a small dog in her right arm. I felt bad for the poor dog, animals shouldn’t be decoration. She didn’t wait for me to say thanks, and got out of my sight. I went back inside carefully closing the door behind me, now the CD played my favorite song. 
Some day, when I'm awfully low/ When the world is cold /I will feel a glow just thinking of you... 
And the way you look tonight. 
I felt like crying, I had all this beauty and my stupid boyfriend haven’t even taken the time to cancel. Before I could reach the couch so I could sit and cry my heart out, a strong knock on the door. God, I hope it was him because I couldn’t stand dealing with anyone else with the tent ion. It was the perfect moment, although he was late. Frank Sinatra had done his actuation and Nat King Cole had started singing with that beautiful voice of his – I felt like crying. There he was, with his beautiful brown eyes, and his sweet cat expression of: I am sorry, please forgive me. God I loved this man so much.
Unforgettable in every way that’s what you are… Mmmm yeah he was totally unforgettable. He was way taller than me, and he was leaning against the door frame, looking at me, up and down, down and up. And without letting me say a word, he took my mouth in his, his hand in mine, and led me through the room dancing. I felt like in the Cinderella movie. I love you I wanted to scream but his mouth was sealing my lips. That’s why I couldn’t stand hating him; There, I was lost in other world after few minutes ago I wanted to strangle him. A world where only cared me and him.  
This was starting to be a unique night, and the best night of my life. 
“Hi, Gorgeous,” he said looking me like I was the most beautiful thing in the plant.
“Hi, handsome,” I promise you he is the most beautiful creature god could create. He smiled and kissed me again. “Dinner is ready. But is  an hour  later so I bet is cold”He sensed the angriness in my voice cause he said,
“I am so sorry about that babe, I forgot something at my apartment and I needed it for tonight.” Of course he had missed something, condoms for sure. What other things would he need tonight? I started to get loathed so I leaded him to the table. 
“This looks so nice babe,” he said taking a closer look at the apartment while embracing me from behind, and giving me an innocent kiss in the chick. “Thanks.” I told him that he didn’t need to thank me. I was doing it because it would be good to have a nice time, “Would be a crime to have dinner at home for once?” I asked him, and he ignored me. 
“God, you smell good,” I started to feel hungry but for other thing if you know what I mean, everything was so intoxicating. The smell, the dim lights, soft music, “I’ve got a crush on you, sweetie pie, I never had the least notion that I could fall with so much emotion,” he was singing in my ear. Everything was fine until I said, “I cooked for you.”  Suddenly he stopped singing, and turned me over, so I was facing him.  His expression in his eyes was defendant, with caution in his voice he said, “Did you cooked for me? I bet something smelled funny” If he weren’t laughing I swear he meant it. 
“Ohh ok,” I admitted, “I didn’t cook. A guy from our favorite Italian restaurant delivered the food.”I swear I saw relief in his eyes. I have to admit I cannot cook. I’ve tried to cook, and never ever my food tasted near as food. He laughed at me, and led me to the table, took out the chair, and helped me sit.
“Then, I’ll be your host this night, and I hope you enjoy your meal.”  He said faking a stronger voice than his, and winking at me. “Should we start with a white wine?” He filled my glass and I started to fill our plates with the take out Italian food. After we were done with the food, he looked at me, and smiled. The kind of smile that says, I know what you are planning.  
“What do you want?” he leaned on the table, his face closer than ever to mine. What do I want? I ask myself the same question.
 “Rather, I want to ask you a question,” He looks a me puzzle by my response.
“Ask me a question? You’ve planned all this beautiful date to just ask me a question?” He seemed totally lost and a little preoccupied because things with me never were easy. Was asking him to expend the rest of his life with me a bad thing? He was already a great part of my life, and I already signed him on my eternity as well.  I needed to ask him whether he would be able to love me beyond death, in the good and the bad, in the disease and the health, in poor or rich. I would love him forever and even beyond death if I could.  The time was never right in our relationship for him to ask me to marry him. Now here we are two people playing the love game, what was so wrong with me popping the question? There wasn’t a law stating that the girl can’t ask his man to marry her. Well maybe there wasn’t any law, but my nerves were starting to play against me. He was looking at me waiting hungry for an answer carefully keeping a smile in his face.  “Then,” he said.
“Do you remember the day we met?”

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