" Heroes Revere Your Fear "

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To my brother in arms Semper Fi, warriors every one. This is for all of us that knows the fear of war. This is also for our young warriors fighting today in a strange land. Whether you be ,Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard.
I Salute You and thank you for fighting what seemingly is a
thankless war.

Submitted: April 28, 2007

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Submitted: April 28, 2007



"Heroes Revere Your Fear"

Many years ago, when I was a young soldiering man,
I wondered just what it was, that kept men on the go.
We were all child warriors then, that fought and died in Nam.

Was it Mom's apple pie, or our flag that unfurled,
Or was it Marcia Brady, the blue eyed blond in curls?
It wasn't for delicious food, or a fitful meal,
Nor the glimpse of a scene, so beautiful and surreal
It wasn't for the Golden Eagle, that soars up high in the sky,
For even with all these things, a man could still lose or die.

Fear is what drives us to the peaks of our unknown,
It makes us stronger,faster,and our wit finely honed.
It releases our Adrenalin, and gives us a natural high.
pulsating through our veins, and our hearts to pump awry.

Reflecting back to my soldiering past, of battles I have fought
It wasn't advancement,shiny medals, or accolades I sought
Nor was it the thought of valor, that kept me alive,
But more the thought of dying, and the burning will to survive.

Fear doesn't reflect cowardice, but turns boy's into men,
A hero no longer fears fear, but embraces it as a friend.
All were the heroes way back then, both the living and the dead
Not fighting for just old glory,but out of fear instead.

Now there may be some, that brag that they have no fear,
To these men I say search your heart and soul,
And all that you hold dear.
For when bullets zing past your head,
And Bombs burst all around low and high,
Your driving force can be seen,
By the fear that's in your eyes.

I have seen the fear in these men's eyes,had it many times myself,
Pits in my stomach, and sweat on my brow, one would think I had bad health.
But it was fear that made me dive, to the ground just to stay alive,
Dodging tracer bullets and mortar shells trying to survive.

To today's heroes soldiering in Iran and Iraq, I say,
Embrace and respect your fears, don't let them cause dismay.
Revere your fear, let it keep your head clear,
And you will come home to your mom's apple pie,
Marcia with blond curls, and the country you hold so dear.

Today I ponder, what price freedom and free will?
Does it all have it's worth?
For when a young soldier dies, for a Dictator and his lies,
In a country that seems to care less.
Will that young man be measured by his collection of fears
Or will they simply just say, He died fearless?

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