" Oh Sweet Babylon "

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Babylon was once the most beautiful city along the Euphraidies River in the Mesopotamia region of the Far East,50 kilometers from Baghdad and a country now known as Iraq. Is it not ironic that even after 4000 years that region still is in a state of turmoil.

Submitted: April 26, 2007

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Submitted: April 26, 2007




?Oh Sweet Babylon

Alas! Alexander's soldiers have come and gone
They have raped and pillaged beautiful Babylon.
What was once the Flower of the Euphraidies
are now in ruin and rubble from their mighty armies.

Oh Sweet beautiful Babylon how I mourn for thee
Your Hanging Gardens and flowers no longer will I see.
Once the streets were filled with peddlers bartering their wares
Now they are desolate with their bones and my despair.

Oh sweet Babylon my own true love defended thee
His dust and ashes now blow in the breeze.
A slash and a thrust from a fiery sword.
Felled the warrior that I adored.

Oh Sweet Babylon These soldiers have taken all from me'
My love , My Heart, my family and my virginity.
ravaged by the victors one and two at a time
No one to stop them from enacting these vile war crimes.

Oh Sweet Babylon I have been thrown in your streets,
Among the bones ashes and blood suffered from our defeat.
Alone, abused and half dead, I feel I can't go on
My funeral pyre will be on the streets, of my Beloved Sweet Babylon.


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