" Ravens Rest "

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I found this immage hauntingly compelling, and it screemed for the touch of the Macabre

Submitted: April 26, 2007

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Submitted: April 26, 2007




"Ravens Rest"

Deep in the Black Forest near Budapest
lies the eerie castle called Ravens Rest.
Its cold grey stone walls look old and grim
the sparse foliage and hedges are in need of a trim.

Built for the widow Countess Adrianna Vonsted
By her husband that died on the day they wed.
She roamed the cold halls day in and day out.
Her mind steadily going without a doubt.

she would sit at the stained glass window in her room
staring out into the dark and dank misty gloom.
There was nothing out there but dust and an old dead tree,
That she would curse and scream at like a wild banshee.

One day a large black bird perched on one of its limbs.
And it made the Countess smile and force a grin.
The Raven made the tree its home and built a nest
And that is the way this castle was named Ravens Rest.

Days became months and months into years
And the Countess would stare well into the night
The window her only reality, the Ravens her delight
They found her one morning dead and stiff in her chair.
The Ravens  on her window sill cawing into the morning air.

It's been Two hundred years since the Grand Dame passed
And still the gypsies are aghast.
Fore when the moon is full and wolves howl at thier best
  Adrianna's silhouette can be seen at her window from

 Ravens Rest



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