" The Genocide "

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Authors Note: What right does man have to be proclaimed the only hunter in the forest?
Wolves and Bears have been doing it for milleniums, just to survive and feed their families.
Man does it for fur, horns, heads, sport,The Almighty Dollar, and pleasure of killing the biggest and the best. I ask you which is the more noble Hunter?

Submitted: April 29, 2007

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Submitted: April 29, 2007




The Genocide

How can we abide a wolf genocide?
How can man justify punching Mother Nature in the eye?
How can Alaska's government say it's fair
to hunt these beautiful creatures from the air

As insane and ludicrous as it may seem
They justify genocide to reign supreme.
Falling prey to the hunter's dollar and sport
To this the State of Alaska has no retort.

For centuries upon centuries the wolf has survived
Hunting Elk, Moose , and Caribou to feed their tribe.
Their only enemy that they avoid when they can
Is the two legged gunman they know as Man.

So run majestical beauties and hide in your caves
Don't let the gunman get what he craves
For these terrible men don't fight fair,
They will shoot you on the run from the air.

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