Faithful Laces

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A random poem I wrote about my converse. enjoy!!!

Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Submitted: February 11, 2009



Faithful Laces

I've had millions of shoes

Heels, flats, sandels, tennie shoes, flip flop and boots,

you name it I've got it

But theres one pair of shoes I live for, my converse

Whenever I get up in the

Morning I can't wait to put on my converse

I actually want to havemultipule colors

Theres just something about my converse that

makes me happy

When I'm in a crappy mood I put on my

shoes and go for a walk

I feel confident in my shoes, I like to stop

people and go

"Hey, look at these bad boys, wish you had these

don't yah?"

I believe converse will never go out of style

At least not soon

My converse go with everything I were

You could say I'm weird

For writing a poem about my converse, but...

Everybody loves them!

Avil Lavigne wears them, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift,

Kristen Stewart, random people I don't know

Heck! Bella Swan wore them to her prom! Smart girl

Were all wearing them

So you should

My converse make me feel

happy to stand

On my feet for 30 minutes at a time

So what I'm saying is

Ditch that pair of plastic your wearing

AndI'mnot talking about crocks, and go buy yourself a pair of


All around people are happy don't you want

to be happy?

Come join the club we call ourselves the

Faithful Laces

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