About THAT Life...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

BE ABOUT LIFE…. Because THAT Life ain’t about nothing

He’s not about LIFE

Because he’s about THAT Life

You know the ‘tool’ type

Every other word out his mouth is a brag

All about flashing paper and his swag

Bedding bad b!#ches and popping expensive tags

Measures his own worth by his follows on instagram

So caught up in pop culture and trends

That when he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see him

Just the product placements of his vanity and sins

Even the look in his eyes is empty

And his personality a carbon copy

Of whatever pop artist is on the TV

Not brave enough to go his own way

And following the masses is so easy

Especially when you’re about THAT Life…

She wasn’t about LIFE

Oh but she’s about THAT Life

She stay playing someone’s chick on the side

Like a block bike and anyone’s welcome to ride

Her favorite lines is ‘I ain’t trippin’ and ‘I don’t mind’

And she’s always up for a horizontal good time

Drowns her pain in alcohol and molly’s

The cuter he is determines how quick she gets on her knees

But anyone has a shot since she lacks integrity

Her promiscuity affects her ability to say no

And send these men away to their women at home

She likes the game so she’ll lie so wife never knows

Maybe she doesn’t know her own worth

Degrades and disrespects herself to mask the hurt

Because we all know her not caring is a lie

But she’ll just calling it being about THAT Life

He’s not about LIFE

And on the HOOD he’s about THAT Life

Of hugging a block every night

Breeding with b!#ches and doesn’t want a woman as his wife

Doesn’t see much of his own life to live

Dying young is a given for him

And if not that he’ll die old in the pen

Just wants so bad to be infamous

Will even lose his life to get it

So by any means he’ll get his stripes

So his name will live on in hood life

Lost his own brother on the block where he slangs

Everyone tells his he’s so young and doesn’t need to live this way

Ain’t your momma experienced enough pain

He didn’t see much of his adulthood

Died at 22 on the block like he knew he would

100’s of feet from where his own brother took his last breath

Another car wash to help his mom lay another son to rest

Because he wasn’t about LIFE

He was about THAT Life

So the hood had to watch his mom mourn twice…


BE ABOUT LIFE…. Because THAT Life ain’t about nothing

Submitted: May 29, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Loving Song. All rights reserved.

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