Beautiful Shadows

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To my Momma.... You cast a big and beautiful shadow... you are a lot of woman to make my own way as a woman thru... But I'm destined to be that lady too... Just like my Momma...

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



I stand in the shadow of the epitome of woman

Completely shaded by the abundance of her grace

A slender southern belle with an angels face

A wise man’s wisdom

A comedians wit

A politicians power

all of which I was born to inherit

I find myself intimidated by the legacy

I was born to follow

Of this independent,

I am Woman hear me roar

A Black Harley Barbie Prima Donna

My Momma…

I rebel out of fear of becoming the queen

That I by blood and legacy am destined to be….

And she knows exactly how I feel

Coming up in the shadow of our late great Madea

Which just broadens the cast of shadow in which I stand

But the shadow comforts me like a blanket

And it’s values bestowed on me are taken

And applied in almost every aspect in my life

Until the day I die…

Which is why her name is tat’d at the top of spine…

Crowned with a Magnolia and humming bird…

For the South…

and the never ending words of wisdom and truth

I got from you…

While I was being crowned a Princess by the most beautiful shadow…

The shadow of my mother’s love….

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