The Urges of Him

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Another poem personifying cutting

Submitted: May 13, 2009

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Submitted: May 13, 2009



The Urges of Him


I feel the edge coming on

All around me people are staring

At me or through me

I really don’t know

But I know that I am getting how

And that the pit of my stomach is starting to move

And I feel the familiar signs of what I’m about to go through


I feel him coming towards me

And I try to run away

I should’ve left sooner

When I first felt him coming my way


I should’ve listened to the signs

Because now there might not be a way back

He comes closer and reaches for me

Preparing for his attack


I normally submit

To what he wants me to do

But I take a deep breath

And then I stop and think

But now I see him on the brink


I’m running out of time

He’s messing with my mind

But with another breath

I decide that he won’t win this time


I call out for help

Hoping that the people who were there before

Haven’t left me yet

I call out again

But he’s in my hand now

I’m losing my breath


Its gets harder to breathe

But he begins to calm me down

He knew all along that I would submit

And he’s not mad at me

For throwing that small fit


He is what’s familiar

He is my savior

He is my soul

He gives me hope

And I can’t figure out

Good reasons to let him go


Even when I call out for help

And try to run away

I know that I need him

And that’s why I let him win

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