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PM Dawn- Die Without You... TWISTED REMIX!!!

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



I want to Thank you

For all that pain you caused

Fighting thru all your drama

has made me wise and strong

… So strong

Thought I couldn’t survive without you

So I just bared all that pain

But now I’m over all that hopeless madness

And am finally sane

…I must have been crazy

Finally saw the truth with my very own eyes

Blew away the smoke, broke the mirrors

And exposed you for all your lies

Only mad at myself now for ever allowing in you in my life

Because now I


That I…

THRIVE without you…

Take credit for destroying me

Or that weak girl I was

my harden heart is my new foundation

of this woman I become

I takes no prisoner

And I don’t take no sh!#

And anything that ain’t progress

Be sure to miss me with it

I am aware and much smarter

Then I ever remember being

I cry less and laugh harder

You’d be so intrigued

by the woman that’s me

Because she

SHINES without you…

No, I didn’t die

And beyond just survived


THRIVE without you…

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