To the woman in the mirror... We're all we got!

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The Team of Me...
always bet on you...
keep your word to yourself over others...
and in the end you're probably all you got...

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Submitted: April 05, 2013



Don’t expect no one to save you

always play biggest part in your own rescue…

Because more often than not

You’ll prove to be all you got…

all you ever had

And all you ever really need

My peace of mind came from taking my faith out of others

And putting it all in me…

In my ability

In my intuition

I couldn’t lie to me if I wanted to

So who better than me to listen to

and the majority will tell me anything to throw me off my mission

Since they’re the enemy or at least the competition

So when you fall pick up yourself

And wave away everyone trying to help

You got this, You’re good

And only looking back to see what got me off my footing

Then continue my stride through this life

without a hand, without a lift

With Me and my reflection in the mirror

Because I don’t expect no one to save me

I am my own responsibility…

Because more often than not

I’ve proven to be all I got…

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