Two Peas In a Bucket

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Two Peas in a bucket... F*%& IT

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



You know how the saying goes

other choose it as a go to while it’s my personal mantra..

my conduct code

So when opportunity knocks I pretend I’m not home

You know…

two peas in a bucket…

I really ain’t got the time

The energy to attempt and try

Especially since it could all end in a loss

What if failures the cost

Not that I’m avoiding it out of fear

It’s just I simply don’t care

And breaking evens’ the equivalent of staying right here

The status quo is trulymy easiest option

My Safest bet, and I risk nothing

Decisions based on chance are not likelyto end inmy favor

So I’ll pass even if I’ll want to kick myself later

Because my logic always trumps my ambition

My laziness stops the possibility of me attempting

I like to watch the rat race from the spectator isle

You can catch me on the side lines…

And I may be passing on accolades

Which is fine by me since I’m not trying to play the game

I'll be watching with the fans...

Flipping off a chance

Cursing at acombination of circumstances

fighting with harmonic happenings

all while tossing two peas….

in a bucket… F*%& IT!!!!

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