Clementine Rose and the pet day disaster

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Submitted: June 30, 2015

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Submitted: June 30, 2015



Clementine Rose and the pet day disaster

by Jessica Colton


Clementine is an interesting character, she has a pet pig called lavender and a cat called pharaoh,pharaoh was uncle Digby cat , uncle Digby lived with clementine and here mum. Clementine can not wait for school especially because it was her first day  but after here first day she realises  that school is not so fun and there was this mean boy called angus he always play tricks on her and Miss Bottomly that shouts a lot and  when angus plays trick on here miss Bottomly tells here off instead she soon found out that miss Bottomly was angus nan but luckily to cheer thing up there was a pet day which made clementine all excited.  

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