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a book review by Maddy

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



Brian Falkner
Book review by Maddy Griffin

This fantastic book was written by Brian Falkner and released on January 3rd 2013 and illustrated by Donovan Bixley. The author is an award winning writer and has won many awards for other famous books he has written such as: Brain Jack, The Project and The Tomorrow Code.

Also, this incredible book is set in a dark mysterious forest with thick mist like a blanket across the ground. The town she lives in, however, is lively, bright and has an excited atmosphere. Once Cecilia finds a castle where she thrives, there is a mysterious mood as they realise something is wrong and there are many things not adding up around the castle.
There are many characters in this book such as: Cecilia ,who is bright, brave ad friendly. she is also the main character who goes through the most issues in this unpredictable book. Her best friends at the castle are Avery and Evan who are twin brother and sister. They got trapped in the castle along time ago and know what has happened and know the castle well so are able to show Cecilia around. Also, she has a white dog called Rocky, who Cecilia can understand when he barks. Rocky is also her body guards he protects her and shows her which way to turn so keeps safe

The main story outline is: when Cecilia floats into dreaded Northwood forest, she is chased by the vicious, life-threatening black lions and when she is cornered, a door opens into a fortress and she is saved. She gets to know all the people there and makes friends with Avery and Evan. But she realises something suspicious is going on and she must find out before she is caught and and doesn’t have time to reveal the mysteries…

To conclude, I think anyone who enjoys mystery and adventure books will adore this unbelievable book with and unpredictable twist on every page. This book is one of the best I have read in year 6. It was so brilliant that I based other work on it evolving our favourite boom characters . I hope you decide to read this brilliant book and enjoy it as much as I did…


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