The Demon Headmaster And The Prime Minister`s Brain

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Book review by Ruby Joyce

Submitted: June 30, 2015

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Submitted: June 30, 2015



A Book Review On The Demon Head Master And The Prime Minister`s Brain.
By Gillian Cross
Book review by Ruby Joyce

In this book there is a new computer game that is called Octopus Dare. But only Dinah is any good at it! There’s something strange about the computer game that worries Dinah. As she is the best at Octopus Dare, she is invited to play in the finals of Octopus Dare but because she was worried so she asks her friends to go with her to the finals.
Before long they found themselves in trouble – facing their old enemy, the Demon Headmaster. The Demon Headmaster uses these intelligent children, which are extremely brilliant at Octopus Dare, to crack the code that has something to do with the Prime Minister.
I would recommend this book for people that like a bit of suspension, as it gives a bit of suspense. Also it is suitable for children in my opinion. If you decide to read this book then you will really enjoy it!!

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