the folk of the faraway tree

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Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



~~Name of book: The Folk of The Faraway Tree
Reviewed by: Freya Sen
By: Enuid Blyton
• Introduction: I have read this very fascinating book. The book is called- The Folk of the Faraway Tree. This book is written by Enuid Blyton and published in 1946 (Great Britian). There are 26 different, mythical chapters you shall thoroughly enjoy! There are lots of spine-tingling twists and turns in this book, all to do with one simple tree… How amazing is that?

• Characters: You will meet some extraordinary characters as you move through this book. There are characters which are tolerant and amiable, however, on the other hand, there are characters which are mercenary but, all the characters have good in them in some point of the book. Most of the characters have a humorous personality, whereas others have a serious one.

• In my opinion: Personally, and in my opinion, this book made me feel like I had encountered a dream, which whisked me away in the land of the Enchanted Wood. I exceedingly enjoyed this this book, and I know you will too!

• Summary: Joe, Beth and Frannie (the three children) were fortunate enough to have their cousin stay for a few days. The children couldn’t wait for Connie to stay with them. Soon enough, all the children were organising were Connie should sleep. Surprisingly, the next day had come already, and Connie arrived at the door with a face l8ike thunder. The children thought to themselves- maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Connie came in the door with her best shows and clothes on! Connie had come extremely late, so before they knew it, it was bed time. The next day, the children wanted to show Connie the farm and The Magic Faraway Tree; Connie didn’t believe in The Faraway Tree, so she came down in her best dress. What do the children say, when they find out that Connie doesn’t believe in the magic Faraway Tree? Read the book to find out…

• This is your chance to discover a magical, new world with many new characters. Also, you will have the opportunity to take an adventure with Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and the Silky Fairy. Let your mind run wild and enjoy this wonderful book. Furthermore, you can tell all your friends about it and persuade them too. Wouldn’t that be cool?? I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!



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