The great ice cream heist

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A book review by Ben

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



~~A book review of The Great ice Cream heist
By Elen Caldecott
By Ben Milligan

There was once a beautiful young girl called Eva, though she is very idiotic. Unfortunately in their household or wherever you go with the McIntyre’s there is always going to be asinine behaviour and definitely chaos. However Eva has her own way of getting out of this irresponsible and ridiculous situations that her family get into. Unbeknown to the others she secretly and silently nips out onto the top of her begrime house roof.

Across from her rooftop hideout she spots a handsome boy called Jamie who is perched on his garden shed roof. Could he also be escaping family chaos? Eva invites Jamie onto her rooftop where she blatantly stares at him while he silently climbs on. They chat for hours each minute bringing them closer soon they are embroiled in a brilliant relationship, though who knows what kind of one there in?

One day, Eva goes indoors to watch the news whilst watching she sees Jamie’s face plastered all over the tv and he’s been accused of vandalising their local park! Disappointingly other people are confirming him as the culprit. An ice cream truck has been stolen and as Jamie was closest to it when it disappeared is he the culprit? But can Eva speak up for him…

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