This Is How I disappear.

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Okay so this is my first published Twilight fan fiction, if u like it then keep readin. It is told from the point of view of Bella.

I have not read all the books so some things miight not be write!
I am relying on my friend Alice (isn't it funny cos Alice is in Twilight!) to help me with the facts and figures.

Submitted: December 04, 2010

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



AN: The first Chapter starts off a bit like how the real things starts, but as I go on I will start to change things a bit so it turns into my own thing.

I woke up, I had been asleep because Fork is soo boring. I dont usually sleep because there is always this creepy white kid outside my widow with yellow eyes and funny hair. Dude I think he is a homeless man. I look in the mirror and see I am really pretty because I have really nice brown hair and a really expression filled face full of life and happiness, even though FORK SUCKS, but sometimes my face can become really sad or andy when I am angry or sad! I brush my hairs and put on some clothes. I am really normal just now so I just pput on some jeans and a plaine white t-shirt with a picture of a cat on it. I got my clothes from H&M because that is where all the cool people shop in Fork and even though I am only a new girl I

It is monday so I get my books ready for school here in Fork, I go to Fork High School, it is really cool there, much better than my school in Arizona where my mum/mom lived, I moved away from there because she haas a new boyfriend who I don't like because he is not like my dad and my dad is awesome. I go downstairs with my black and red rucksack with all my school stuff in it. My dad is sitting at the table in the living room eating some toast.

\"Hi dad,\" I say waving my hand, he turns around and smiles, he has crumbs in his beard. My dad is a police man, actually he is the chief of the police (not the chief of the werewolves, duh :P ). He always carries a gun because we live in America and all policemen here carry a rifle in their belts incase people get angry and start trying to shoot you, the world is a dangerous place, but Not Fork. That is why I moved here, because everything is much more quiet here than in Arizona where my mum/mom lives. And also because she has a husband now.

\"Hi Belly!\" He shouts putting his toat down with joy, I hate that nickname he gives me! My name is Bella Swan not Belly!
\"My name is Bella Swan! Not Belly!\" I tell my dad, I don't let him treat me any differently just because he is my dad! But I love him really munch!
\"Sorry Bella...\" he says with sadness \"You used to like it when I called you Belly, but now you are scared to be old.\"
He says this with a tear in his eye, he is right i don't want to be old because old people are LAZY! \"Hey that creepy homeless man was outside your window last night Bella so I let him in your room. He told me that you wanted to study so I let him in, but he went away when he said you was a sleep.\"
\"Oh no dad why did you do that!!! He is like some creepy guy with funny eyes that turn red for some reason!\"
My sad is dad and he says \"Sorry Bella, I know, why does his eye turn colours?\"

I say I do not know and walk out the house in my car where my best frriend Jacob is already sitting in the driver seat.

I get on the back of his motorbike and we drive away to go to school together.

I have known Jacob for as long as my dad has lived in Fork, which is a very long time. He is a Native American and a memeber of the Werewolf Tribe, they live on a reservation in the woods because they don't like homeless people!

Jacob has really long black hair but sometimes he cuts it off when he is really angry or too hot, I would be hot too if I had all that hair. He must be really warm all the time (even in Fork which is always cold and cloudy) because he always has his shirt off, but I don't mind because he has abs.

I cling to his waste so I don't fall off the motorbike. He turns around and smiles, I like his smile \"Okay Bella baby, lets go to school!\"
He starts up his engine and we drive to school .

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