The Actor who never got the role he wanted

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Actor looking for a role but finds out what his true meaning of life is.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




The Brave-wood movie suites was the place for actors to go when they are shooting a film and they are away from there home. This hotel is in Newport , Michigan. One time there was an actor , Daniel Ramsey. Daniel was very exhausted from trying out every movie he saw and never getting a part. The work just wasn't the right fit for him. He was Scottish, you could say that he had a temper because when people couldn't understand him, he would start to yell. He had a few friends who would help him get through his tough times. Jackson Baldwin was probably the number one friend of his friends that would always lend a hand when it was needed. One day Daniel was in Detroit to try and get things off of his mind which the idea of it was given to him by his friend Jackson Baldwin. There Daniel had met a German woman by the name of Anne Schroder. Anne made Daniel remember that there is more to life then just working or trying to find work . Anne was really fun to be around and enthusiastic. Daniel being the type to never take anything to seriously never thought that Anne would be a real relationship. He thought that Anne and him would just go on a few dates and then they would keep in contact when he has to go back to Scotland and she would have to stay in Detroit. Back home in Scotland he had a friend who was an Italian Sculptor. This person would sculpt a lot of things from modern day icons going from 1900 to the current 2012. Her name was Clarissa Mancini. Clarissa and Daniel were friends for quite some time . Clarissa and Daniel said to each-other that they would be together when they thought the time was right. When Daniel met Anne he felt like he found the right person for his life. He told Clarissa that he had met Anne and that Anne was the person that he was going to marry. He moved back to Michigan to see Anne. When he saw Anne , he felt that he was home. To him home was not a place to be or walls that hold him . To him home was the people around him and to him Anne was the number one important thing in his life. He found out that Anne was planning to get married to someone else. When Daniel found this out all he wanted to do was go back to being an actor and just trying to get by. He went to Lake Michigan to just have time to himself and when he got to a lake house , he went in the back and when he looked out he saw Anne. Anne was going there to ask the person she wanted to marry for there hand in marriage. When he looked at her she looked straight at him. She was planning to ask him to marry her. He did not see it though. He ran out the front door of the house. He got in the car and then he went to the hotel to get back to trying to find an audition. He got a role as a lead in a drama. Everyday Daniel would go to his hotel and just pray that Anne would have a great life. Anne would pray everyday that she would be able to see Daniel again and have the chance to get to ask Daniel for marriage. The next day Anne wrote a letter to Daniel to say.


“ Dear Daniel , If there was ever a time that I could be able to say this to you in person , it would not be right. Saying it would not be the same as writing it in this letter. When we first met it was so fun and it was great in Detroit and just getting to know a person like you was so great. Any person would be lucky to have met you. I saw you at the lake house when you cried and then you ran out and drove away. I wanted to let you know that it was you I was going to ask to marry. If you don't want to ever talk to me I would understand. This might be a little awkward if we ever did see each-other. If there is ever a time that we could see each other I hope that it would be able to be done. If it isn't , Forget about me , but dont forget about us. Thanks for everything you have done. Love Anne”


In the same week Daniel wrote Anne a letter.


“Dear Anne , If there was ever been a person I would trust , Its not you. If there has ever been a person I feel is Honest, Still not you. If there has ever been a person that I feel like I could spend the rest of my life with it would be you. You have taught me that work is not always the top priority in someones life. People also would need to enjoy what they have in life . I did know that when I was growing up with my friend Clarissa. I forgot that somewhere in my life though. When I met you I felt that the importance of that was brought back into my life and I want to say thank you. The last thing I want to tell you before I finish this message was that , you are a person I wanted to marry. When I saw you in the lake house and I thought that you were there to be with someone else I lost it. Even though it could never be I want to ask . Anne Schroder will you marry me? Love Daniel”


They both received the letters about the same time. When they received it they both said in there head “I will wait till they call”. So , they waited to the other one to call. One day when Daniel went to a diner , he looked over and Anne was right there sitting at a table. She had looked up from the table and they looked at each-other , knowing it was the right person they were thinking of. They didn't bother of going up to each-other and saying hello. They just stayed there and went on with there lives. Daniel became a well known movie star and he went on to move in Italy and got married. Anne also moved on for her life and went to Germany to become one of the top Computer Programmers in the world. They never saw each-other again. Daniel died from lung cancer at age 78 and Anne had passed away from car accident at age 80.



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