Get A Clue

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i went somewhere with my friends 2dai n there was this girls who was complaining cuz her mcdonald order was taking forever, i got annoyed when other people have much better reasons 2 complain about but still live their everydai life like nothing happens

Submitted: October 07, 2008

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Submitted: October 07, 2008



Wake up,

open your eyes,

look around you,

it's not all about you,

stop being so childish,


you complain about the littlest things,

when some people have other reason you would never face,

some have no money,

no family, no friends,

no shelter, no one,

they still live through everyday with a smile,

no complaints, living on with a smile,

while you have everything anyone could ask for,

and still complaining like the world is going to end,

get a clue,

that's life,

it's not always fair,

appriciate everything you have now,

things that others don't have.

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