New People's Order

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I don't typically write like this. It just came out one night.

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



It's their job to control and see
what we hear.
Outspoken there's room in a cell.
They beat, torture, manipulate
the ones that love them.
However disgusting we tolerate
it in fear.
Are you terrorising or have
they put that mask upon patriotism?

Why, why won't you speak out?
We can move without violence
but if they cast the first stone we must proceed
with the force of a thousand armies.
The value on life is by
Without freedom our experiences
are limited.

It has been too long since
the people have challenged the
machine in numbers.
They tread lightly now because they
know the next move could
turn this candle light into a
forest fire.

The people shall refrain from
hesitation. For the longer
we hesitate the next generations
are being born into it as
the norm.

What is freedom to them if
they have never truly known it?
What slaves will they become?
The elite can not halt reproduction
so they must control the numbers.

They divide us by religion,
race, sexual orientation, social
class. How dare we let
them separate our powers!
We are the battering
ram but they have us in
We need to be one. One
worked upon by freedom
to break their gate.
We deserve this!

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