A little about me chomp

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Just some stuff about me it wont go into my bio :P

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



My name is chomp :)

Im non violent 

I bite people alot 

Redheads are a turn on 

I'm gay if its not obvious

I love rainbows they represent pride 

Im part polish 

Im a prankster 

I scare people for fun 

i wear makeup (just foundation)

I make friends easily but enemies easier 

I like the colour red 

I cannot keep my natural hair colour

Ive been multiple hair colours

 I'm one of the most random people in the world at times 

keep me away from escalators i run up the opposite sides 

I tend to be picky about who i like 

I love hugs

youghurt and sushi are my favourite foods 

im apparently too skinny 

I have horrible self esteem 

i annoy people 

I am only an attention seeker to annoy someone by saying im fat or something 

Im not crazy but im not exactly sane either

i run around but im lazy

I want to be a barista :) nothing is better than knowing how to make a good coffee

im ADHD which means if i have coffee I go crazy ... tending to annoy people 

iced coffee and frappes are a craving 

Im an aries

 i am shameless half of the time 

im shy but if you know me properly have fun shutting me up

i used to be really depressed or something hence souless outcast 

I swear ALOT 

I'm a gamer to an extent im not a nerd type gamer 

i can be obnoxious 

i am sarcastic alot 

 if i dont like you i will say it to your face 

i have had my nose top lip eyebrow wrist  lower lip peircedand my ears peirced 5 times but all were removed

im paranoid that i annoy people too much 

 and meh thats enough about me hope you enjoyed reading this :)

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