The Last Age

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The journey of a man after several years away from earth.

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010



The Last Age

As I walk through these halls many thoughts are going through my head. What thoughts am I thinking you may ask. Well of all the places I've been to. The exotic food I've tasted and the beautiful sights I've seen. They are more than what most men see in a single life time and yet I've surpassed these boundaries many times over. All before I've even begin to come close to my golden years.

As I ponder on these thoughts I'm enjoying my last time through these halls. The civilization that has created these other worldly places are called the K'er. Through these elegant yet simple paintings that they've created over time exotic places that are beyond imagination.

The world has no idea about this ancient civilization. Although eons have passed since their existence their paintings are in vintage like condition, untouched by time. The marvels that I'm lucky enough to have stumbled upon. Yet, there is still one place that I feel compelled to go to. It is the one which I saved for last. The one that I will stay in. Whether it's a beautiful paradise or a living hell I'm determined to live there for the rest of my life.

The painting gives me no indication of where I'll end up in. It's just a picture of a cheap imitation of the home sign in a web browser. Should I be expecting to arrive back home? Or in the world of the Internet? As I put my hand on the painting the reassuring sound of humming comes. The world starts to slowly fade away like the transition of day and night as I'm sent to my final home...

* * *

As I slowly wake up from the travelling I feel like I've fallen asleep in the wrong position. I open my eyes and I see a barren white wasteland to the horizon, yet there is no horizon. The sky is covered with what seems to be floating dirt defying the fundamental laws of physics. The sun is unable to shine through with all her might. The only light that shines upon this place is soft glow from the light above the floating dirt.

A cold breeze blows by me as I get up. Some of the white stuff lifts and silently moves in the air as a dove during a calm day. That's when I notice that it's actually ash on the ground. I feel that I should be worried about this discovery and yet I feel calm. I try to warm myself up as I feel a cold shiver going up my spine. I wrap my cloak around me as I silently curse myself for not being prepared for the cold. With only a monks garb and my cloak as clothes I start to walk unknowing where it'll take me.

After a couple of steps I stumble forward and lose my balance. I fall forward, expecting the cold hard ground. Once I hit the ground, I'm embraced by a soft landing as if there was a feather mattress under me. The ash rises up and falls down just like leaves on a nice autumn day. I sit up and decide to dig to see how deep the ash really is. I dig for what feels like an eternity until I reach the ground. I look up and estimate that the ash is about 2 meters high. I notice that the ground I'm standing on seems like a crater. Reaching the ground gives me nothing except quenching my curiosity. I decide to get out of the hole and continue walking into the unknown.

* * *

After walking for several hours I decide to stop for the night since it appears like the sun is setting. I decide to lay down at the spot where I am since there has been no change in the landscape. I feel as I should be worried once again of the discoveries I've made today and of the fact that this place is devoid of life. No plant, no bird, no animal and absolutely nothing.

As I stare at the sky wondering how all that dirt got in the air it starts to get colder. Not even 10 minutes later I'm rubbing my hands to keep my hands warm. Within the period of half a hour I'm rolled up in a ball shivering and it feels as if it's going to continue getting colder as we speak. I feel as if this is going to be a long night ahead of me.

* * *

'We have to go now!' I yelled at Sarah as I was getting the pack ready to go.

'Wait! I need to get Mike and Josh out of there.' She said while she was getting ready go back in the building,'They'll never forgive us if they make it out alive.' She turned and headed for the entrance of the building.

'No time! They're probably already dead by now. It's no use trying to save somebody when you can't save them. We have to go now.' I said as I was making sure we had the miniature painting close by so we can get out of here quickly. I turned my head to check if she was coming back, but she wasn't. I dropped the pack and threw myself on her. Just as she was about to get in I hit her and we both fell onto the ground. Sarah turned around and punched my stomach. Grimacing in pain I grabbed her arms and slammed them on the ground.

'Let go of me! I have to go and get them!' Sarah yelled at me. Tears were forming up in her eyes as she realized that I wasn't going to let her go in. 'Please. I have to. Oh...please.' She started to cry as if her parents just passed away.

'Do you think it's worth it?' I said calmer now,'Do you really think Mike will forgive me if I let you go and waste your life?' Sarah turned her head as if she was saying “no” while she was still crying. 'Wouldn't you think that Mike would of be here by now if he got out of there on time?' I said trying to get her to understand that it was no use. Sarah look at me knowing I was right, now getting a hold of her self. I let go of her and got up to go get the bags.

Once I had everything with me I got the painting to get us out of here, I turned my head to see that she was getting up. Then I heard something roughly like a large flap of wings. I looked at the sky to see a big crocodile/bird getting ready to get Sarah. Just as I was about to yell her name, The crocodile/bird came down on her. Before it reached her, Sarah turned her head towards the direction of it. Then it tore her in half, blood splattering everywhere.

* * *

I woke up as if someone rang a bell right next to my ear. I was sweating tremendously, breathing quickly and shaking. The same nightmare that has haunted me for the past twenty years haunted me again and yet the nightmare is still as terrifying as the day it had happened. After calming down, I decided to try to get some sleep before morning came.

The soft glow in the sky slowly woke me up. I stretched out my arms and noticed that I was covered in ash. I got up and shook all the ash off, as I checked to see if there was any indication that something came by over the night. Sadly, there was none. Not even tracks from a random person who wanted to steal any belongings I had. With a sigh, I continued walking in my current direction.

Several hours later, ruins started to appear on the horizon. I run in hope that I'm not the only person here. As I arrive, I notice that the ruins are only the tops of towers that might of been here before. They have cracks all over them. The tops have no roof, only parts of the walls remain to show any indication that there was a building here at one point. I go through one of the walls in hope that there are people taking refuge here.

Just as I step over the lowest part of the wall, I smell a horrible stench. The stench of something rotting. I cover my nose with my sleeve but to no avail. I walk further in trying to find the horrible smell. I turn right at a corner and see rotting corpses all over the place. I turn and run outside where I puke the rest of the food that I have eaten before I left.

Satisfied that I have puked all what I can I go back to the corpses. I decide to figure how they died. Some of their faces seem to be full of agony and pain while others are a unsettling calm. After looking at all of them I come to the conclusion that they died of starvation.

After I come to that conclusion my stomach growls in hunger. Then a sudden realization hits me, I'm going to die here. As it sinks in, I fight myself not to cry over the fact that I'm doomed to die here yet tears stream down my face. I wipe my tears away and get out of the ruin and continue walking in the direction that I was previously going. Thinking about everything and nothing.

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