the child of darkness

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i just came up with the first line the rest flowed out. i realy am proud of this, let me know what you think xxx

Submitted: March 07, 2007

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Submitted: March 07, 2007



he awaited the sound of screams in the room before cringing

he entered the blood drenched dorm of the orphanage. he refused to attack, he'd let his gang do the hunting. if he had it his way he would not feed either but he knew if he didnt he would die. it was a matter of survival. it was his life..... or theirs

he had not yet tasted the blood of a mortal. a newborn creature of the night, another tragic tale of a boy obsessed with stories of the dark creatures, begging them to turn him when he finaly came face to face with the beasts he had so admired only to find that the immortal world was cruel and dark.

his body, he knew, would never die but inside of him his heart and his sole already had.

the smell of blood made him sick to the stomach yet hungered him at the same time. bloodlust ran through his vains and reached every part of his body. he knew it was wrong, knew it was an evil deed he was about to commit but he could not control it, it had already taken over his whole body.

raging forward, sharp white fangs ablaze, he grabbed a young boy, already injured by a bite from one of his kind. he savoured the scent of the sweet innocent blood of a child as he clenched him tightly in his dirt drenched hands, letting his sharp overgrown nails peirce the minor's skin.

he didn't hesitate, growling like a vicious beast he plunged his teeth into the boy's kneck and began to drink. the blood rushed to his head like narcotics, making him feel light headed, dizzy, a feeling of pure plesure which he had never experience before.

he smiled widely as he came up for air, savouring the taste, the flavour of the sweet red liquid. his own kind surrounded him with smiles on their faces knowing he was now truely one of them.

as he came down from his high he stared down at the young boy cradled in his arms. the smile faded from his face. the child stared up at him, a fearful tear escaped his flickering hazil eyes, his skin pale, white as snow as if the beast had drained him of every drop of blood his body had once posessed.

the newborn creature of the night let out a tear, his blackened heart began to beat once more, or at least gave the feeling of it. he ran his finger's through the child's jet black hair, sticky and red from the blood which was seeping from the small cuts on his kneck.

"i will hurt you no longer" he whispered "but take you with me into my world and raise you as my own, be the father you never had"

without another thought he raised his own wrist up to his mouth and pierced the flesh. the blood ran out of his vains like a deep red waterfall trickling down onto the young boy's darkened lips.

weakly the child swallowed, eyes widening as his mortal sole began to die. the creature watched emotionless as the child screamed in pain as his fangs pierced through he delicate gums.

soon he rose, looking around the room through his new nocturnal eyes. he looked over at him who had created him and smiled from the corner of his mouth. wothout saying a word he walked over to where he was and took him by the hand, looking up at him, admiring the beautiful creature who had given him his new life.

the creature looked down at him and returned the smile. finaly he had a purpoise, something to live for.....if you could call it living.... and he knew with the child by his side the new found world he had been dragged into would no longer be as cruel and dark as it had once seemed.

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