is there such a thing as too young for love?

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a little girl loves a boii, but a boii in her class says shes too young for love, what does he know? haha

Submitted: May 24, 2008

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Submitted: May 24, 2008



I went to school that one day

that one, sad Monday

I had fallen in love with him

the day before

Monday was the worst day

cuz i told my class

when I didn't mean to

you said

"your only six!"

"you're too young to be in love!"

my reply?

havent you ever felt that tingle in your tummy?

when you see a pretty girl?

for me, when i see a cute boii,

i wanna get to know them,

so is there such a thing,

as too young for love?

no, theres not

love comes in all shapes and sizes,

whether its for your mom & dad,

or for a cute boii or gurl,

or even a puppy you just got!

love is for all ages,

not just adults,

but for children too.

they just looked and stared,

the teacher agrees!

love is for ALL ages!

my battle is won!

so no, theres no such thing

as too young to love!


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