one big sip

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this is a short story or poem not sure what it is.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



One big sip  

The party is getting pretty rowdy, people are throwing up and booting up,

everyone’s minds messed up. I walk in a room with weed smoke flying everywhere,

“hey mate pass me that container it’s just over there” someone said “my names Fred call me Freddy, Would you like some of this concoction it will make you lose your scence and emotion” I said “what is it” “its my special recipe just have a sip you will see, don’t take to much though it will really mess with your mind bro” Freddy said looking very fucked up.

“Ok il have some” i took the container off of him and swallowed the whole thing. “you didn’t not just do that” fredy said “that’s enough to make 3 people dead” Freddy ran out the room and said “mate I’m sorry you are doomed just flow with it or your mind will go boom”

I was a bit weary of the words the dude just said but he was off his fucking head.

At the start I thought it was shit it tasted like rocket fuel all some shit, after a moment things started to appear and the strange noises I could  hear. I started worrying about my health but i just stayed calm tried to focus on my breath and relax myself. I look to the left and the walls are melting and people are shouting “don’t fight it man”. I couldn’t handle this anymore I wobbled out trying to find the door,  

I saw a face it was my mate chase he said “dude you look lost, let me get some water you look white as a ghost”. i can’t hear any more words everything is getting worse, I see a poster up on the wall it’s a picture of a knight all big and tall, he waves side to side coming closer and closer all I think of,  is I got to hide so i go outside and everything is doing wonders I see all different colours.

It’s bright my chest feels all tight i reach for my phone to call my parents at home. My phone disappeared in front of my eyes and hearing a voice saying “your going to die”. Everything starts to go dark I look down the road and that’s defiantly a shark. I run to the left as fast as I can I hear another voice “do you know who i am” the sharks coming closer the trees a going narrower, i jump in the air to run faster in this desperate disaster. I can fly I wave goodbye to the shark and the trees as there is a bridge ahead, I can fly so now I know I’m free. I leap off the bridge and see colours again but different colours a light and someone saying come over here Ben. I walk forward feeling weightless and terrified, that’s my grandfather up ahead his coming closer my words tremble as I said “aren’t you dead”.  He looked at me and he looked like he was floating but also shining. He said “it’s not your time” he started getting further in the distance. Looking behind me I can see an entrance.

I walk forward theirs a strange sort of feeling in my head. My body feels different I’m awake in a hospital bed. My mate chase is there next to me and said, dude you’re lucky you’re not dead.


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