Controversial Sequels

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Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



The reason there is such a huge controversy over modern sequels is because the disturbing trend is a darkly subversive conspiratorial plot orchestrated by a sinister intelligence of extraterrestrial origin. The hidden agenda of the plot is to use emotions associated with psychological disappointment stemming from the anticlimax of lackluster modern sequels in collusion with UFO sightings to generate cognitive dissonance in the minds of the viewing public.

Similar to Disruptive Innovation, the illicit purpose of afflicting the world population with cognitive dissonance is to weaken human resolve by feelings of embarrassment, apathy, and hopelessness with the explicit aim of creating sociocultural storms of depression to sustain the alien entity which nourishes itself by feeding on human psychoemotional suffering.

Unsatisfying modern sequels are deliberately produced to undermine self-esteem and destroy self-confidence as a strategic military offensive for mentally softening moviegoers so as to achieve precise manipulative power over their self-control giving the alien beast direct access to trigger compulsive behavior such as binge eating, alcoholism, and deleterious habits which lead to impulse buying on the staggering economic scale of mass consumerism.

Sloppily executed modern sequels always accompany outbreaks of reports of UFO sightings. Project Blue Book, the Air Force program for the investigation of UFOs, is frequently referenced in news broadcasts immediately following thumbs-down reviews of incompetent modern sequels.

Perfectly timed to coincide with the release of poorly performing modern sequels, mass media outlets are saturated with vague illusory statements such as “Evidence indicating sightings categorized as ‘unidentified’ are in fact manifestations of highly advanced technology of extraterrestrial genesis” or “FBI hacked legal briefs reveal special section of US military advises further investigation of UFO sightings warranted” and seemingly important factual information contained in statements like “During the years of active investigation by Project Blue Book, from July 1947 through December 1969, over twelve thousand UFO sightings were investigated, of which 701 remain unexplained.

Internet of Things and other Web cultures are stealthily implanted with APIs and Cloud programming designed to secretly maneuver in concert with spy satellites launched by rockets equipped with solid-fuel booster propulsion systems to exploit ELINT and other techniques for covertly collecting intelligence by electronic means to process recorded real-time observations of human grief support group activities to gauge the success of and make improvements to brainwashing techniques spearheaded by the huge controversy over modern sequels.

The alien creature further augments its insidious attack by planting rumors in popular culture that the Brookings Institute, a US think tank based in Washington, D.C., is involved in psychological warfare by mass disseminating fear that Top Secret Think Tank behavioral sciences experts are clandestinely engineering marketing strategies which target instinctual impulses to elicit behaviors which human beings have limited capacity to control, such as grabbing a candy bar prominently displayed at the checkout counter, or shouting obscenities in public. Similar gossip is diabolically propagated about RAND corporation.

The effectiveness of these devious subliminal schemes is assessed by double-blind experiments formulated to test public reaction to prototype brainwashing campaigns wherein the merits of the project are reputedly endorsed by objective analysis and peer-reviewed research.

Public hearings are held in order to create the illusion of public participation under the pretext that suggestions offered by citizens concerning basic tenets of the cultural shift are really important and actually matter. The secret program is touted as being strictly regimented by accountability to the public and by serving the public interest, yet officials are not obligated to act on citizen commentary, nor even respond publicly.

The true machination of these public hearings is to gather information and leverage it toward a specific premeditated objective. In other words, in exchange for their assistance in feeding a horrifying gruesome banquet of human emotional anxiety and sad heartbreak to the alien monster, the elite regime of Earth-based conspirators plot to turn information into action which will optimize their dominance of the Global Market Economy, thereby maximizing profits through shockingly replete control of the thoughts and behaviors of moviegoers whose mental health is adversely acted upon as a result of the huge problem with modern sequels.

Suggestions for further reading: In the supernatural occult novel Bloodstone and Broomcorn: Curse of the W.I.T.C.H. I have written extensively about why there is such a huge controversy over modern sequels.

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