Knock Knock. Let me in its Faith

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Its funny how we all what so many things in life, you may think it’s owed to

Submitted: December 06, 2014

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Submitted: December 06, 2014



Its funny how we all what so many things in life, you may think it’s owed to you; like material and non-materials things.  They said that money is the root of all evil. To be rich with power, strength, and being the Supreme of them all; because you have so much money.  However we're all rich in Christ, we are God children’s.The wants and the needs are unnecessary, the only thing we need is our Lord Savior.  He will supply all of our wants and needs, he is the Deliver. "But my God shall supply all your need according to Riches and Glory." (Philippians 4:19) 

Now living in this world is not always crack up to be perfect in no ways necessary.  However there are the Temptations of this world; murderers, adultery’s, and thieves. That why the God sent his only begotten son to give us the message the Word; Commandments and Statures. In order to be obedient and humble is part of the instruction in life, to guide and motivate us; which is the Bible.  In the Bible you will find everything you need to live your life in a fulfilling and peaceful way.  However its one thing that we need in our life and that is FAITH.  Faith in God, Lord and in ourselves they are the ingredients of a glorious life.

In the Bible there are various stories of having true Faith.  You have Abraham when he had to sacrifice his son Issac for the love of God. Our Father wanted to see how much tolerance Abraham could endure. And there was the three Hebrews boys; Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego. Who believed that Jesus is the only true redeemer of Heaven and Earth. When Nebuchadnezzar placed them in the fiery furnace they believe that God will save them, and he did. God was right there with them so no harm or hurt will come to them, he took them out of the fiery furnace. And then it was Joseph who can tell you about your dreams. His brothers were jealous of him, because of the favors from their Father. So they threw him into a pit. Suddenly Joseph started to cry and wonder why his brothers threw him into the pit.  But somehow he had faith, and the Ishmaelite released from the pit.  By having Faith he received a position in Power under Pharaoh and he ruled over his land. That is God.  You see God will put in a place and he will bring you out for the greater.  FAITH is the word.

Faith is what you need in your life, without it how can't we go on.  Loving God and to have Faith go hand and hand.  And also Faith without works is completely dead.  In James 2:26 it says, "For the Body without the Spirit is Dead, so Faith without works is Dead also."  Our Father doesn’t want to hear our prayers whenever it is convenient for us, he want to hear from you always; have a relationship with him.  Remember he is the son that died on the cross for us, that is the blood he shed.  We're all from the same blood.  So go into your secret closet and take some time with him, he is always around he is Omnipotence.  And go to his house and make yourself known to him and he will make you feel welcome in HIS SANCTUARY..  God Bless you All.Amen, Amen and  Amen.







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