A buddhists views on the world today

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This is my first writing ive ever done that i chose to publish, theres no rough drafts or anything it is the original copy. i only used grammar editing and basic revising. please read it. i think it has very good reason and is possibly the key to tranquility.

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Submitted: October 12, 2012



Thoughts On cannabis and Other Things


It doesn’t burn faster in joints or blunts when compared to a bowl or bong solely because of the fact that a joint or blunt is only lit once during a smoke session if smoked continuously. That means that a lighter only strikes them once. The reason this a variable is because when you inhale the first time using a lighter you are pulling flame through the majority of piece or wrap causing more weed to burn. However, when you smoke a joint you are only using a lighter once but yes you are burning it continually. This is all right though because it is only burning the very top layer of bud. If you think about a bowl and wrap burn equally and if anything papers burn slower amounts than pieces. This should be used as a hypothesis in a scientific experiment to see if I am correct.


The differences of weed to someone who doesn’t fully know everything on cannabis: the plant is a great way to get away from everything simply because you are only stimulating your mind to think. It is a beautiful plant to have around the house. It is known to help many medical issues and sometimes can be capable of solving them. The government has no real reason to outlaw the plant. Think about it they are one in the same. Each plant is fully capable of being taxed to the fullest. The only reason weed is not legal is because people like to grow it and they can make some money on it. They legalized tobacco because no one likes growing the disgusting plant. Overall tobacco is far more harmful than cannabis. There are absolutely no harmful aspects other temporary light-headedness, an urge to eat, and a heightened thinking process. So ask yourself this. Do I really believe all the Government propaganda that they have used in the past as a way to help their lies? Or will you stand up for what this country was founded on?


If you aren’t familiar with what I’m referring to then here is a brief history on how cannabis has been used in the United States. Way back in the colonial age settlers were expected to grow hemp. The reason behind this is the fact we don’t know anymore. Hemp has been used for over 50,000 products. Imagine how much they used it. Cannabis is a mass production plant and is capable of growing nearly everywhere in the world and has been noted in use as far back as the dynasty ages of China and Japan as a source of food. Yes, that’s right, food. With just these facts alone there is truly no way for anyone to say that it is a dangerous plant. This plant is also known to be relevant to ceremonies performed by Jesus and prophets of other religions. Why does the government want to outlaw something that can help humanity to the fullest of its ability? Why cant we save our world and humanity with it? Why do we keep using things that harm the planet as a whole when we could be living prosperously as a ecological world. Hemp can be used as fuel!


 Engineers are fully capable of designing motors and parts that are capable of being energized by hemp oil. This goes for water and light power as well. And I believe that the only things fossil fuel should be used for is space flight. That is because it is one of the only components that is powerful enough to project a ship past our atmosphere. How is it that people are not capable of thinking like this? If we used renewable resources for all our energy supplies then we would be capable of living equally and defeating the purpose of money. Thus creating a tranquil and peaceful world without major sources of greed. Oh and if your wondering if I have looked many things up or used many references for this essay you arte mistaken. I smoked cannabis, and meditated on what I should write about.


Not only that but if you as a reader honestly can say that you don’t believe in my image of tranquility then you do not deserve to be on a planet meant for equality and balance in nature. Humanity was never meant to use fossil fuels, steal or anything else dug up. We were meant to use everything in nature itself. Meaning the animals, forests, and bodies of water. If you think about it we are animals. The only thing we were given is the capability to think rationally. This gives us an edge in the natural world because we have the ability to build and use powerful weapons. But like a Jedi or a superhero gone bad we have let power consume us as a race. The battle was lost and evil has consumed the world. We need to rise up and embrace yin again. End the pollutants and other evil things we have done to the world. There is still a chance to turn back. However if we do not pursue this then we will be destroyed. Knowledge is power and power comes with great responsibility. It is up to you as a human being to respect the world and live equally. Or misuse your power and become part of the dark side.


 If you watch star wars or other shows resembling good and evil or even look back on history you’ll see that the natives and heroes or Jedi of both topics were at peace with nature and fully understood it. They were masters of the natural world. Avatars so to speak are capable of controlling the four elements of the natural world; earth, wind, water, and fire. People have become abusive of the worlds gifts and become consumed by fire. The reason fire is to blame is because it is both a symbol of new beginnings as well as destructive power. People use fire as a weapon and they are winning the war as we speak. The other elements must fight back before the world is fully engulfed in flame. We found the knowledge to build weapons and have abused that right. During the tribal periods of the world no one used anything but the four elements to survive. Granted people did die that was inevitable because we weren’t meant to over power nature. We need to except the fact that everything is equal there is no competition. We must go back to when we had no technological advantages over the environment. Even though we are apex predators so to speak we need to regain our place as avatars of the world.


I know what I say sounds insane but if we do this and live equally again we will be able to restore the natural world to where we will not lose our atmosphere or any more animals. Aren’t we supposed to be helping the world we came from? Don’t we need to show our gratitude to mother nature? Show her that we are extremely grateful that she has blessed humans with life? Do not stay close-minded to what I say. Many movies I have used as references in this essay have a life lesson behind them. Star wars taught us that if you don’t not battle temptation constantly then you will be consumed by your power and try to control the world. However if you stayed strong then you would be able to fully understand the universe. Do you understand? If we stop abusing our abilities to think and learn then we will become capable of fully understanding the known universe. Shouldn’t we want that? That is why governments are not good for us. Our founding fathers believed in equality and we were given a clean slate.


Unfortunately we have fallen from the path and become corrupted by greed and waged war for money and other materialistic things. The world needs to realize that just because we have power that doesn’t mean that we get to control everything. We must live in harmony with the natural world and end the reign of money and control. Everyone needs to be equal and nothing is any ones. That is what Columbus meant when he told the king and queen of Spain that native people of the Americas gave him everything he wanted. They were at piece with nature and gave everyone everything they needed to survive. They worked together for the greater good of humanity. Opposed to what we have become; A system where competition and greed are the building blocks of the “rich” people of the world. If everyone helped everyone there would be no “better person” because everyone helps everyone to succeed. There are no leaders only a council of wise people, in other words Jedi or avatars. People would go the council only for emergencies. Other than that everyone in the world got along and everything was fine.


This is why Buddhism is the only teaching in the world that will lead to tranquility. Only the wisest people in the world should lead. The people who have the ability to create not destroy. We need free thinkers our wisest people. Engineers, scientists, biologists’ people who can design a technological world that is still equal with the natural world around it. We don’t have a right to destroy the forests and homes of the other animals. We need to build around the trees and mountains. We have no right to do what we do to the natural world. Humanity needs to be at piece with the natural world and only seek to further understand it. Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, all of those religions and “faiths” are not true. We need to believe in ourselves to become better not have faith in a false god who will hopefully answer our prayers as so many people say. This will most likely get me shot but the truth needs to come out! We were capable of building the pyramids and the other great monuments of the world before history was written because that is how our native ancestors lived.


History was not written it was only passed down through stories. That is what the natives of our individual lands didn’t learn math or anything like that. They learned about their ancestors and lived the way that they did; At one with the natural world. That is why I believe in aliens. That is the only way that we could have broken out of the balance. We have to realize that there was an alien interference sometime in the past. Our race was not meant to know about technology. We were meant to be masters of the natural world a place without technology. That is why the fiercest warriors in the world are masters of kung fu. Remember the karate kid movie with Will Smiths son? Kung fu is in everything we do. That is why these people are so peaceful and at one with nature. They have become masters of kung fu and have managed to not let the power of knowledge consume them. If the people of today could do that then we could regain the honor of our race.


If you wonder how I thought of this then you can ask in person. I believe that if we follow my writings then our race will regain piece. Don’t lose faith in honor. It is still there we just have to find it again.

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