Here With Me

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Three minutes...thats all it took. Three lovely minutes with him. The dance at first made me feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed. But then i saw him... I asked my friend Sarah if she wanted to go talk to the group of boys who were only a few feet away..and when she did.. something crazy happened. I met him. Matt.. Oh Matt my he was so amazing...
This is our story.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



Three minutes that's all it took. Three minutes. The time it took for me to fall for you. I stared blankily at my books in my locker when Sarah came up to me and said “Hey Laura, were going to the dance tonight right?” “Yeah why?” I replied. “Oh just making sure, I'm so siked about this dance! Theres gunna be so many guys!!!” Kristen then made her way down the hallway. “You guys I hate school so much!!” Kristen said “I'll see you at seven okay?” “Okay guys, see you then” I then closed my locker shut and said bye to Trevor and Kerry who were walking hand in hand. I started walking home with my ipod in my ears singing to “You belong with me” By Taylor Swift. ******************************* When I got home I tossed my bag on the ground a rushed upstairs to do my makeup and get ready for the dance at seven. I smiled when I found the perfect shirt to wear.. a black top with a flower on the front made up on sequins. I was sure to get some attention at this dance. I put some grey eyeshadow on and straightened my hair and put on a cute heart bracelet. My Mom at 6:30 said we should probably go and get my friends. As we picked up each of them they each got in our car with their student ID and a smile. We all wanted to find boyfriends. When we got to the dance we stood around talking and looking for nice guys. Sarah and I went looking for guys and so did Kristen and Ysabelle. Sarah and I both spotted a group of nice looking guys. Sarah and I both went up to them and Sarah said “Hey guys, what grade are you in?” “Sophmores.” said a cute looking guy. I then said “ Oh we're freshmen.” The cute boy then said “That's okay.” “Hey do you girls want to dance?” “sure.” We both said with a smile. I didn't know that they expected us to grind.... I said “Oh sorry I dont grind...” To my guy. He understood and we just started talking. While Sarah was grinding awkwardly with her guy by the name of Mike, I talked to my guy.. “Hey whats your name?” “Matt.” He said. “Hi Matt I'm Laura.” We both started talking and he asked what school I went to and I said “BHS.” I discovered that we both shared a love of music and acting, and we both ski! Sarah was feeling uncomfortable so we both left the guys, even though I didn't want to leave Matt. My friends and I stood there awkwardly just waiting for something to happen. At the last 5 minutes of the dance Matt came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance, It was a slow song.. so I said “Sure Matt” and I smiled at him and took his hand and we walked to the dance floor. The song was “I don't want to miss a thing” By Aerosmith.We swayed back and forth...Matt said he didn't know how to slow dance, so I taught him. We talked some more and I said I really liked talking to him. I asked for his number, because I thought he was perfect. At the end of the dance we all left and I was blushing all the way home! I texted Matt and I said Hey, I loved dancing with you. He texted back and he was so nice!! We talked until 2 that night, just learning about eachother. That night I learned so much about him, and I knew I had fallen for him. I even told him that and he said that I was the only girl he remembers dancing with at that dance. He asked me if I wanted to go to an upcoming football game with him and I said sure! ******************************************** I told my Mom and all my friends about Matt, I knew I really liked him. He was falling for me too. On Thanksgiving we both went to his schools football game. One problem. I don't get football at all!!! So I ended up just talking to him and getting close with him. Tom was there..Matts friend but Matt still included me and he offered to buy me food. :) I like food. But it was Thanksgiving and I didn't want to be full for the huge feast that we were going to have shortly after the game. ********************************* I can remember my first date with Matt, we went to the movies, we basically acted like friends, because we were friends and we were soon to be more. He said I was basically his girlfriend and how lucky he is to have me. ************************ It's hard for us to see eachother a lot because we live in different towns and I'm 15 and he's 16. He has his permit but not his license. We try and see eachother as often as possible and Skypes good too. ******************* I can remember the night he said “Laura I miss you so much. Be mine. You are mine. And i'm yours. Always. I want to hold you tight.” Or when he used love in a sentence...describing us. “We're just two teens in love.” God I miss him so much.. I just want him here... here with me. **********************

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