Ray and her Wall

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Ray loses everything, Can she open up to the one she loves without losing him??? Does he know??

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011




So as I'm sitting here in my special spot, in my special alley I am thinking about my life and my past. I hate remembering them, it kills me inside. I don't know how to live without them. But I try to live life to the fullest. I'm Ray, I'm 16 years old and I live in New York City, the Bronx. The reason why my Mother named me Ray was because I was like sunshine to her. She would always tell me how perfect I was and that I should never change the way I am. On a cold January 14th two years ago my Mom was driving me to my art class that I took every other Saturday. She was fighting with her boyfriend, Wes, because he forgot to pick up my younger sister Sadie at school. She started to drive faster raging on and on to Wes about how many times she told him to remember to pick Sadie up. The car started sliding on thin ice. She couldn't control the car and it crashed into a snowbank. Crying hysterically I called 911 on my cellphone tears streaming down my face because blood was all over my Mom and me. All I can remember is a doctor coming up to me saying I should call Wes to tell him Mom was in a coma and might not last long. Wes and Sadie came to the hospital to watch Mom in her final hours. Wes took Sadie and I home to our apartment and told us not to be sad. I wrote my Moms name on the alley way wear I sit and think about life, so I can remember her. Next to her name is Wes and Sadie. They didn't die but they've changed an awful lot. I don't see them very much anymore. I tend to be alone a lot. Sometimes I wish I had someone I could tell everything to, and they would get exactly what I'm talking about.

Chapter 1

Today walking into school I was just minding my own business when some kid who I don't even know shoved me out of the way. He had black hair that was hanging in his face and these blue eyes that were almost clear. I went up to him and said “Hey, do you think its cool to push people like that?!” The mystery boy said “Oh I'm sorry” he said casually. I hurried away as fast as I could. As I rushed to my first class I felt my palms getting hot and sweaty. I did not like the way that boy treated me. When I got to English my 2nd class Mrs. Roden my english teacher had announced that we had a new student. Guess who it was. The mystery boy. “Class this is John, he's a new student.” He walked swiftly over to the empty seat that was behind me and whispered “Nice to see you again.” I said in a not so excited tone “yeah...right.” “Cmon Rachel thats not the attitude to have..I'm new remember?” “How do you know my names Rachel..” I said. “I saw your journal...its right on your desk.” “Call me Ray” I said sternly. “Only If you call me John” He said with a smile. After English John stopped me as I was walking out. “Hey, wait..Ray.” “What..” I said. “Hey, I was wondering If you wanted to have lunch together? Also sorry about this morning, I'm not usually like that.” “Um..yeah thats ok..and I eat lunch alone” I said. “Wouldn't it be better to have some company?” “Fine. I'll eat lunch with you.” I said. “Great” He said with a smile. Right before lunch John came and found me and told me he had a special spot he wanted to take me too. “I seriously am fine in the cafeteria..” I exclaimed. “No your not, you have to see this” John said. We went outside the school and started walking. He took me by the hand surprisingly and I got goosebumps and felt kind of sick to my stomach. “So I noticed your single, your claudagh ring says so.” John said with a smile and a flip of his hair. “Yeah I don't really trust a lot of people.” I said looking down. “Well you can trust me” He said. We continued walking and came to a little pond near the school with a big rock with some moss next to the pond. We both sat down on the rock and I took some my peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of my purse that was carefully wrapped in tinfoil. “So where are you from ?” “Montreal, Canada,” “I just moved here. My dad lost his job.” “I'm sorry,” I said casually “I lose a lot of stuff too.” “Don't we all?” John said with a smile as he took a bite of his tuna sandwich. “You don't understand.” I said. At that moment I felt like I should tell him everything, but I kept it all hidden inside like a jack in the box that wouldn't pop up. “It's hard for me to talk about.” I said. “Oh ok, well we should get going I don't want to be late for my next class,...math.” John said looking at his schedule. “I have math too, Ms. Corzey.” I said as I started walking towards the school. “She's crazy, and we all do math better than she does.” I said with a smile on my face.

As I was doodling in my math notebook while Ms. Crazypants ( not her real name) was on a role talking about how math is important I was thinking about John and if I could really trust him with my secrets about my past. He seems like a pretty nice guy, other than the fact he pushed me over this morning. I wonder if he has any secrets that he'll tell me.

When I shoved her I didn't mean to hurt her. I may seem obnoxious or distasteful but I really do have a good heart. I think I might be falling for her, maybe it's just that she reminds me of Monica. Monica had a way about her that I can't describe. Monica was my girlfriend, she had heart disease and died suddenly. I knew she had heart problems but I never knew how bad it was for her. She would always have back and neck pain which was a symptom, she also use to complain that her chest was burning. She would always go for procedures and I would go with her to make sure she turned out okay. I tried calling her one night but she never picked up, which was unlike her. I got a voicemail from her and I listened to it, only to find that it was her mom telling me Monica had died. Monica would always know what to say, and would keep things hidden from me. I feel like Rachel has secrets. In fact, I know she does. I wish she would just tell me everything about her.

Chapter 2

Whether it's keys, a wallet, a love, or your mind, people lose a ridiculous amount of things everyday. Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy inside and that I have totally lost it, just like everything else. Most of the time I wonder why it happens to me, maybe it's just because everything happens for a reason. The answer will eventually come to me, like a huge rainstorm during a terrible drought. I feel like its pouring outside, when its perfectly sunny. *** This is an unfinished story any who wish to add on can. Just Credit my name. :)

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