The Diary of a Teen

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Hi I'm just gunna write about some experiences my friends and i had about falling in and out of love and our relationships and how we survived our heartbreak and everything and what were doing now.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Date: Sept 12, 2010

Why is love so hard to find? It's hard to find that one person who really relates to you and loves and cares about you. Why do people cheat? I mean I've never been Cheated on....

but it just seems so sad. Why do people say they love us...when they really don't? A heart takes time to repair....

Broken hearts hurt..



Date: Unknown(2010)

I'm fourteen and I think i found that one person..the one person who really gets me and who likes me for me. It's very hard to take it in because i can hardly believe it. He's so sweet to me and really cares about me. But i know this love will be like the others. I will be left broken hearted. I will never settle for just some regular guy. He has to like me for me and not be some idiot. Believe in yourself and maybe...just maybe that one person your looking for will appear in the strangest and most unlikely place to find a love.


Date: Unknown (2010)

Before you look for love look for yourself. You need to love yourself before you can love someone else.  Stay away from immature boys. They really are no good. No matter what stay away.. I've learned. The boy who i though was "the one" ^^ wasn't "the one" at all. Go for nice guys. :) When with male, be yourself if he doesn't like you as yourself and asks you to change or something.. he's not worth it. You will end up very broken hearted. :(

But when you are with that one person, who loves you and cares for you, you will feel so special. You feel like you want to be with them all the time. It's love when....know what i can't describe what love is because love is many things. When you know.

Someone once told me: If he doesn't treat you like a princess, fight for you like a knight or acts like a common man...he's not worth it.

Also, put your friends first. Always hangout with your girls. A guy should never come between you and your friends. If he doesn't accept that you have friends too, he's not worth it. 

Date: Unknown (2010)

Breakups are hard..

:( Sometimes you'll cry forever.. 

But never let a guy bring you down. You'll be fine You'll get over him..just listen to happy music and SCREAM HIS FLAWS OUT LOUD AND WHAT YOU HATED ABOUT HIM. It works..and makes you feel better. :)


Date: April 7, 2011

What i look for in a Boyfriend

1. I can be my silly self around him:)

2. Were comfortable around each other

3. I can eat as much as i want around him and not feel fat

4. Nice to me

5. Always there for me no matter what

6. Is funny (MAKES ME GIGGLE) :D

7. My best friend

8. Justin Bieber (Just Kidding)


Date: --------2011

I'm still in love with Cade.. and he doesn't love me back...but thats ok. He has a  new girlfriend. I miss him so much, even if he got a terrible haircut. I like him for his personality not his looks. Personality is important. You always want a guy to treat you right, call you beautiful. I'm waiting for him to love me again. Maybe he will, maybe he wont.. I miss how he used to hold my hand every day at play practice.  Or how he would imitate my every move, how he would stare into my eyes. I miss how he would whisper to me, how he used to say I'm cute. How he made fun of me with my blonde moments :). How he'd help me with my math homework. But he has a girlfriend now. I don't want to be second best.. I want to be your best friend, your love.. you make me smile, and whenever i used to get texts from you i tended to dance. Why don't you like me back... why did you have to not talk to me for several days and ignore me? 

One day i remember asking you to see my hands, you said i had small hands. You took it.  Then that was when we started holding hands everyday.

Date: June 1, 2011

MY BIRTHDAYS IN 3 DAYYS!!! I'm SO excited! I'm going to be 15!!!

Date: June 3, 2011

Ha ha ha, that was funny.. I don't like that idiot Cade anymore...i mean were still friends but he hurt me bad. 


Aww I hope she asks him out! Sam and I both want Sarah and Joe to go out lol:)

Sam's in 7th grade... 

he's 13 and i'm 15 that weird??

I Think Sarah and Joe would be amazing together..the way they look at eachother<3 I know they would be perfect. I think Sam and i are perfect. I don't care what people say about us. Sarah just needs to tell Joe how she feels...

Date--- Unknown

Last night i skyped with Sam, and he said a family member was from Sweden, i didn't know where sweden was...

Date--- Unknown

Lol this is going to be fun!! I'm going to the mall with Sarah, Joe and Sam DOUBLE DATE!!

I friggin bought him a hat....why did i buy him a hat... urgh

Date: June 22, 2011

At the 8th grade dance JOE KISSED SARAH!!!! (On the cheek) They danced together several times! I danced with my friends :)))

Date: July 4, 2011 (Oh god this one.....)

Best. Night. Ever.

I got my first kiss with Sam. Kristen, Kerry and I all went to the fireworks down at Lynch. Sam was there..with his friend John. Sam asked me to take a walk with him so i grabbed his hand and we started walking. He took me to a spot on the water with rocks, and a wall that we could sit on. We talked and he put his arm around me and my head was on his shoulder. There were sparkling lights on the water.. and floating lantern lights in the air. He kept saying how perfect this moment was. Kristen had called me and told me it was time to go so i got up and we stood there and he kissed me. It was unexpected and very awkward. Really nice though. Then we walked some more and he stopped me and he tried it again.  It was magical. He then hugged me and we said goodbye and he whispered that he loved me in my ear :). 

Date: August 1, 2011

This was very unexpected. As i got home from Maine i got a text message (Yes a text message not even a call or anything) Sam broke up with me. I'm kinda sad about it but i guess it wasn't right for us. I'll meet someone else.. who loves me more and cares about me. Sam and i don't talk anymore. He spreads lies about me.. :/

Date: unknown

And life goes on as if nothing was ever wrong. Boys will come and go. And you will forget them. Forgetting is good. I still have a piece in my heart for all of them. But i've really moved on.

A little flirting never hurts right? ;)

Date: Unknown

He told me he liked me since play auditions :) He's soo cute. Dylan <3 We talked at the 8th grade dance a little bit. That started something...

I'm pretty happy right now.

Why don't my friends understand? :(

Date: August 23, 2011

Great night. Dylan came over and we swam. Corey made it extremely awkward... He like stole Dylan away from me. I felt alone because my friends were off doing there own thing... so i was in the hot tub alone :(((((

 Date: Sept 9,2011

Mean to my friends? What am i to do? This is so hard because he's sweet to me and i don't see him being mean to my friends..but it's best friend.. I want to be good to my friends..they all think we should break up.. but Dyl makes me so happy..

I don't know what to do..

Date: Unknown

Me and Dylan Broke up

Date: Septemeber something 2011

At the Prep dance i met this guy Matt, and he was absolutely amazing. My friends thought the dance was boring. When Sarah and i went up to two guys and asked what grade they were in we learned they were sophmores. After we met them we walked around bored... Gaby was there my cousin, he and her nose ring.  When the last song came on couples were dancing on the dance floor. I was standing there talking to my friends.  Matt came up to me and asked if i wanted to dance. I said yes and i took his hand and we went to the floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his were on my waist and we just talked. I learned he skis, he acts and runs. He's 16 and he's so sweet and nice!! I got his number and we talked on the phone till 1 am. Were not going out but i really hope we do. I swear i've never been happier. I really like him. I hope this turns into something!

Finally a boy whos really nice and knows how to treat a girl right.

Date: Unknown 

Sophmore semi? I think yes :) I talked to my Mom and were going to go get a dress, i don't know when though. It's all the way in March though!!!!

Date: Unknown 

Going to the SJP game with Matt! So excited!!! I have butterflies!

Date: Decemeber, 10,2011

I'm going to the movies with Matt to see New Years Eve!! It's a date!! I can't wait!! Sarah and Eli were supposed to go on a date but they ended up not going..

i Have butterfly OVERLOAD!!!

Date: Unknown

Matts not one of those "I'm going to ask you out in 15 minutes" type of guy *cough cough* DYLAN *cough cough* Matts waiting for the perfect moment..

Date: December 18, 2011

Went to the mall with Matt today, I finished my Christmas shopping and we had a lot of fun!! I showed him my silly side!!



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