Why do these things happen?

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He said that he loved me, and now i might be pregnant and he doesnt want anything to do with me!! How could he?!

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



Teddy bear was my first love, we met in high school freshmen year.  We did everything together but our parents, nor our friends approved. Teddy and I were glad to have each other, but we were also sad because slowly we were losing everyone we ever cared about.  Kristen especially hated me, she hated teddy, because before we started going out Teddy had the biggest crush on her and he said to her "I will never love any other girl other than you. If you marry a guy i'm still going to have feelings for you."  Teddy said that he didn't mean it... and i believed him. Now were juniors and we love each other more than ever. One time i got scared because we had our first time and it was without protection and he went  a little too far and he almost got me pregnant. I didn't get my period  till after a month i was normally due.  I was really scared, i would wakeup throwing up. The worst part was i caught Teddy cheating while i was sick for that length of time with Kristen. Kristen swore she would never do anything. I've lost her as a friend. I've lost everything.. and everyone. Even Teddy. I miss him so much, but i know i can never be with him again because of what he did to me. Josh understands me. He may be the mysterious type but i feel like he gets what I'm going through.  Sure we may be nothing alike...He's goth and i'm a good girl trying to fit in. But he's mysterious and nothing like Teddy. Teddy would say he loved me but then looked at other girls too. Josh... was new this year and I thought he seemed mysterious..plus he was shadowing me on the first day. We became friends and i feel like I'm falling for him. He said that he's not looking for a relationship but I accidentally kissed him after school walking home one day. I don't know what to do.. and i feel like I don't know whats happening to my life. The question of the day...for life... is WHY? Why do these things happen to people? Why do people fall in love? Why do people get broken hearts? Why?.... <3

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