Her Biggest Fear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this for english class last year. we had to write a short story like Faulkner.

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011




Her Biggest fear

Katie was in her favorite dress and its matching purse. The dress was a dark maroon color with black outlines of  leaves on it. It accentuated her waist just the way she liked. Her strawberry blond hair laid just below her shoulders, which went with the dress very well. The dress made her electric blue eyes very noticeable.
Katie looked up at the old rugged house with its over grown grass and weeds, then glanced down at the crumpled piece of paper with the address on it. “This is the right address, but why would a party be held in this gross looking house? Maybe Kaleb(he is a short Asian kid with chocolate brown eyes)  wrote the address wrong, or maybe he just wants to make me mad. I don't see why he’s my best friend when all he does is play tricks on me.” Katie thought.
She put that thought out of her head and went up to knock on the door. As she was about to knock, the door opened by itself.
“Wow, this has Kaleb written all over it,” she said aloud.
She walked into the dark house and closed the door behind her. She called for Kaleb, but there was no answer, so Katie decided to explore the house.
As she started to walk around, she noticed a smell. Katie decided that it smelled like rotten eggs and rotted wood.

When she turned left to go down a hall way, Katie heard the floor creek above her. She froze in her tracks. Although people viewed her as the tough girl, she was very scared at the moment. Katie felt like she was in a horror movie as the creaking above continued.

Katie walked slowly and inaudibly into the first room she found that was congested with boxes,

so that who ever was upstairs wouldn't find her. But her luck failed her as she heard loud thumping noises. It sounded as though elephants were going down the stairs. Katie was so scared that she started crying silently.

With tears of fear rolling down her face, she walked farther into the room to find a place to hide. The room was covered in cob webs which were abandoned by their creator long ago. The wall paper was peeling off the wall and was yellowed by age. There was a cross hanging on the right wall. There were dozens upon dozens of boxes piled through out the room which made it hard to navigate.

Katie found a couch at the back of the room that was covered in dust. It was just tall enough for her to crouch down behind it without being spotted. She took advantage of the opportunity and hid behind it with out thinking if she would be able to escape without being seen if the person came into the room.

She sat there behind the dust-covered couch and cried while thinking about how stupid she was for coming into the house. It wasn’t a party, unless this is Kaleb’s sick way of getting the fun started.

Precipitously, she thought about the news three days ago and how it said that there was a serial killer on the loose! It said that he aims for the juvenile and kills them when they least expect it.This thought scared her most of all.

“I don't want to die!” she thought.


Katie is scared of death because she saw her grandmother die a really painful death. She doesn’t want to die like her sweet grandma. Her grandmother was the nicest woman alive. She donated money that she didn't have to help others and she went out of her way and helped the homeless.

Her Grandmother died back when she was 13, she’s now 16. Her boyfriend of two years became mentally unstable because his parents died in a house fire that he accidentally started. He couldn’t handle being around adults anymore, and one day he cracked when Katie’s grandma came to visit. He grabbed one of Katie’s dad’s guns and shot here grandmother in the abdomen.she bled to death slowly and painfully. She hasn’t seen him since then.


For the first time, in what seemed like hours to Katie, even though it was just about fifteen minutes, she heard the creaking of the old, rotted floor boards. They stopped right out side of the door to the room in which she was in.

The door opened slowly, as if the person knew she was in the room, and made the door squeak really loud. Suddenly the door slammed against the wall. This made Katie jump, which made the floor creak under her weight. She silently cussed at herself when the floor started to creak as the person walked around trying to find her.

The person called out with a deep voice,”I know you’re in here Katie so there’s no use hiding. Either way you’re going to die. If I have to find you i will make it more painful then it needs to be.”
She didn’t move. “Oh my gosh,” Katie thought,”I know that voice.... but who is it?”
She thought about it and stood up to find that she was correct. “I’m right here Jared. Why do you want to kill me? I should want to kill you since you killed my grandmother!”
“You ruined my life Katie! You left me when i needed you the most! Because of you I’ve become a killer!”  Katie’s ex-boyfriend exclaimed.
“I ruined your life? You ruined mine by stealing my grandmother away from me! You need to die!” Katie yelled!
He pulled out a gun and said in a disgusting tone,”Come any closer and I’ll kill you just like I killed your stupid grandmother!”
Katie stopped in her tracks.
“That's what i thought,” he sneered.
Then Katie grabbed something out of her purse and put it behind her back.
“What’s that Katie? What ever it is, you can’t kill me,” Jared said with a glint of fear in his eyes, but Katie didn’t notice it.
She held up a small pistol and set up her aim with her shaking hand.
“Are you sure i can’t kill you? Why don’t you rethink that statement while I decide where I'm going to shoot you?” Katie said.
He held up his gun and aimed and they both cocked their guns.
“Go ahead,” they said at the same time.
Bang! The shots rang through out the house. There was a large thud, and a silhouette walked into the night.

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