Mother... If That's Your Name

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excuse any cuss words... this is to my mother (deanna) and im going to give it to her the day i meet her again. Its a letter in poem form (freeflow poem)

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Dear Deanna,


Has anyone ever told you

that you are a coward?

Have you even

thought about how

you've ran away

from every problem

you faced?


You are a self-centered

good-for-nothing bitch.

You are a whore

and do nothing but

what is pleasing

for you.


Have you thought about

anyone but yourself

since you were brought

into this unforgiving world?

Do you even care

about others?


Do you consider me dead?

Thats what you have told

so many others.

Did I die in a car  accident

or in a house fire?

You said both stories,

so which is it?

I would love to know

how my life ended

so "tragically".


Do I matter to you?

Would you ever want to be a part

of your daughters life?

I am your first child,

your first baby.

How could you just walk away

and not give a shit

about me at all.


What happened to your promises?

You promised to call.

You promised to come back.

You promised to be here for me.

All i see are empty words

and broken promises

that mean nothing anymore.


Did you enjoy leaving?

You didn't think twice about

walking out those doors.

You never looked back.

You got in your car

and never told me goodbye.

You took Ricky from me

and let him suffer

through things he shouldn't have.


How could you just disappear?

And not tell anyone where you are

and ignore everyone

who cares for you?

You don't care for anyone

and you make it too obvious.


Do you know what you have done?

You screwed me up.

You screwed Ricky up.

You messed up everyone

who even slightly cared.

How could you do that?

You're heartless.


You dug yourself into a hole.

Your too deep to get out

and I doubt you care

because you haven't asked for help.


I hate you

but i love you.

You make me sad

but happy.

I miss you

but i want you to stay gone.


Your Daughter,



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