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A fun riot political ride.

Heart is happy when there is commotion in neighbourhood. Or I am happy at others’ misfortune. If the premise of the movie is this and it is a parody on politics, then you can imagine the result.
Nagesh Bhosale directed Gallit Gondhal Dillit Mujra (GGDM) is a Marathi language movie. Released on May 1 (Maharashtra Day), it has been going great guns. Its political chutzpah and light hearted banter have taken the Marathi-speaking cinema goers by storm. And rightly so. It is only 120 minutes but what a riot it is.
MLA Chandrakant Tope (Sayaji Shinde) and Sarpanch Bajirao Dole’s (Nagesh Bhosle) infighting has led to deterioration in Kolsewadi village. Narayan Wagh (Makrand Anaspure) is a simple villager, who turns it all to his own advantage. Tope and Dole are rivals and both are trying to get election tickets from a party. So, you got the picture.
Wagh acts as a catalyst between the two. He is friendly with both and gives each one of them the impression that he favours him alone. Wagh is a cunning fox. As matters stand, he is competing for the same ticket. Ha ha. So, the game of political manoeuvres has just begun and so has the fun.
Cat and mouse games are played. Political strategies are laid out. Comedy sprouts out of their endeavours to show the other in bad light. So, who wins finally? That is a million dollar question that can be answered only after viewing the movie.
Political sarcasm becomes the order of the day but they add to the movie. There is only one song but it forms the continued narration. This movie is a winner in all departments – dialogues, performances, cinematography and editing.
The movie is set around village politics. Reminds you of Welcome To Sajjanpur. But politics is politics anywhere and this is what is brought out with dollops of humour. This theme may be old but its treatment lends it a hugely likeable aspect. Infighting among political leaders and differences over distribution of tickets among other things brings out the funny side of politics.
Language is no barrier here. Only a fun-filled heart bend on being entertained should go to watch this flick. I had ties in my stomach and laughter was spluttering just watching the three main characters. At times, it was situational comedy while at others the characters made up for it. It goes without saying, it is a wholesome entertainer.
Sayaji Shinde, Nagesh Bhosle and Makarand Anaspure complement each other in their respective roles. They work like hand in glove. It is a pleasure to watch them working as a team and being a foil to each other. There is political rivalry. There are tempers running high. But in the end the viewer goes home happy that he has got his money’s worth.
Sayaji, Bollywood actor, returns to Marathi cinema after a gap of 10 years but what a flawless performance he gives. Just shows what a marvellous actor he is.
Nagesh, thetre artist, tops. He not only directed this movie, he has acted too. A multi-talented actor, he brings out the best in the viewers too. They go home cheering the movie.
Makarand, Marathi cinema’s reigning superstar, could give strong competition to Bollywood actors. His grip is so strong over his role, it is difficult to say where his role begins and his persona ends. He takes over so effortlessly.
Produced by Pentagon Productions, Arvind Jagtap has written the screenplay and dialogues. Suresh Suvarna has handled the Cinematography. Music is by Shailendra Barve and edited by Raj Surve.
The Lok Sabha elections have got over on April 30th all over India. (Thank God!) Remember you are the voters, who bring these incompetent politicians to power. So, next time, think and vote. Your vote is precious. You as a voter matter (before, during and even after voting). Your representative should reflect that. After all, you want a strong India. And you too want to progress.
I am not sure if anyone can be happy at others’ misfortune. But in this movie it is there in full blast. And gradually, you begin to like it. All your lofty ideas of being Good Samaritan flies out of the window and you get involved in the petty shenanigans. You forget good neighbourly deeds. You want to be one of these politicos, who is out to laugh when others cry. Nero played the musical fiddle while Rome burned.
Watch the movie to relive what happens in politics. You will end up enjoying the experience.

Submitted: May 13, 2009

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