The Edge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A troubled man with nothing to live for, nothing to wake up to every morning. This rainy day was the last one he'd see, this day was the last time he'd hear the waves crashing onto rocks beneath him. Or so he thought.

He was stood at the edge. The edge of a bridge and the edge of his life. All he needed now was a push and he'd be gone, taken by the waves that resembled his mood. They crashed against rocks, roaring louder than the voices in his head. His blue eyes sparkled with the reflection of the ocean in them, glistening from the tears that welled up in the brims of his eyes.

He could hear cars drive pass in the distance and he thought about how none of them had a clue about the broken man who stood a few feet away from his death. To him life was chaotic, overrated. 

Why would anyone want to be in a place full of walking animals? Humans wasn't the right word, many people were far from it. Life is too complicated and not for everyone, not for him. He couldn't take another hour of this, nevermind years. 

He took in the sight of the sky and to him it was the only beautiful thing. The way it changed colours depending on the weather, the same way his mood changed depending on his thoughts. Rain fell from the sky and disappeared into the water below him. He didn't know why he was so afraid to move forward, he just had to take a few steps and it would be done but he couldn't. He was afraid, he wasn't aware of just why. 

The palms of his hands were sweating and they shook slightly, from both his nerves and the coldness. The wind hit his skin lightly, shivers running up his spine. 

"Come on, Rim. You can do it." He reassured himself, taking in large breaths. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration and let out a angered cry, hitting himself on the head enough times to make him feel dizzy. Maybe smacking himself would wake him up and bring him back into reality.

"Dammit Collin, just jump and end it" He told himself, "no one would care, no one would even notice..."

"You're so pathetic, you can't even end your own life." the little voice in his head tormented him, it always did. The scary thing is, when he heard it, he heard his own voice. There was no woman, or younger guy, it was all him but he couldn't control it, couldn't shut it out. 

Jump, jump, jump...

"You worthless man. You couldn't even keep your family by your side, or your friends." 

"Just jump and get it over with, it will be done in a flash. In the blink of an eye."

"JUMP. BOUNCE. SKIP. HOP. Do whatever it takes to finish, you deserve a grande finale."

"Jesus, you coward."





"SHUT UP!" He screamed, his voice almost cracking. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" He cried, tears streaming uncontrollably down his red cheeks.

"Shut up..." he whispered. 

Everything suddenly went quiet, it all seemed peaceful. It reminded him of the calming days in his home, where he'd grab a book and sip his coffee, scanning the words of adventures he'd never have. 

He heard a car driving closer but didn't look back, lifting one leg so it was hanging off of the edge. He was one step closer to accomplishing his mission. 

"Goodbye" his voice trembled, his eyes scanning the surroundings they'd never meet again. His mind was going crazy as he took one more step. He was surprised by what he felt next. Arms snaked around his body, engolfing him into the body of their owner. He was too shocked to move or speak as someone pulled him backwards, off of the bridge. They remained silent, but by the structure of his body he guessed it was a guy. He was shorter than Collin, however, his head was touching his shoulder blades.

Collin suddenly felt weak and as soon as his feet came in contact with the pavement he fell to the ground, his heart racing. He shut his eyes, mumbling random words to himself and he ignored the hand on his shoulder. 

"Why?! Why would you do that!??" he shouted as he turned, rising to his feet faster than lightning. His balled up fists came in contact with the guys chest, smacking him to let out his own pain and the boy winced but didn't move. Collin's actions slowed down, his hands remaining on the guys chest and he whimpered, letting the tears flow freely from his eyes. 
The boy shushed him in attempt to calm him down, but this only made Collin weaker.

"Why?" he choked, his green eyes staring at the brown eyed boy. He took in the gorgeous guys features. The chocolate brown eyes, the way they sparkled with a look Collin couldn't understand. His thin, pink lips and pearl white teeth. He also noticed the moles that ran up his neck like star constellations, only adding up to his beauty. 
This guy was an angel, heaven sent. 

The boy looked sad, he looked like a lost puppy and it made Collin's insides churn. He looked like he was thinking of what to say, struggling to find the correct words. Collin sighed, he knew it. He knew there was no reason for him to be saved.

He shook his head as he lifted himself up, turning his back to the boy but he wasn't quite sure why. He wasn't going to walk away, he couldn't bring himself to. He wanted to know the reason for this guy pulling him back and off the bridge, for saving his life.

"I'm Brian, but you can call me Brian." the boy's voice was melodious and enchanting; refreshing as a warm summers breeze. It made Collin want to melt like hot chocolate, but he kept himself stedy. Brian's attempt at being funny made the sad boy crack a smile for a few seconds but he instantly wiped it off his face.

"I don't know what to say..." The boy trailed off, "I saw you standing there and saw how no one stopped to help you and it broke my heart. No one should go through things so terrible that they think ending their life is the only way, it isn't. There are so many more, better, options out there but you have to wait for the right person to come along and open up your eyes and make you realise that." His words were enough to stirr something inside Collin, made his face turn a bright pink. 

Everything was once again silent, the only sound being the rain hitting the ground softly and the cars that sped away into the distance. His head dropped, his eyes closed and his lips sealed shut. He had no words to reply with, just many thoughts rushing through the mess in his head, the one people call a brain. 

"Why don't we get you home?" Brain asked, hope lingering in his husky voice. Collin bit down on his lip as he thought and he turned back around. His eyes scanned the boy's face, looking for any signs of him joking but Collin didn't see anything but kindess in those deep, brown eyes. 
He wanted to get out of the rain, seeing as his attempt to end his life failed he came to the conclusion he could at least get inside. However, he would have to get inside the car with a stranger, someone he just met and someone who saved his life... 

"Now that I think about it, I guess I should get home and maybe rest... it's been a long day." His voice shook a few times but he felt proud that he had managed to finish the sentence. After a few seconds of intense staring, the two guys stumbled over to the red car. Brian opened the door for Collin, earning a warm smile, one he hadn't seen yet and hoped to see more of in the future. Collin gave directions to his home and leaned back in the seat, closing his eyes. Instead of seeing darkness, as he'd thought, a face showed up in his mind. A face so gorgeous that all angels would be jealous, a smile so bright it could overshine any star. A pair of eyes so beautiful, so mesmerizing it could only belong to one person.



Submitted: February 17, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Luca Calado. All rights reserved.

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