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Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Submitted: May 12, 2017



Since president Richardson's public announcement last month, there is been lots of questions. "What are they doing here?", "Will they land in our surface?" and "Are they watching us right now?" are just some of them. The United States government has not willingly answered many of them though, leaving the population in the dark.

The little we know has been passed to us by deputy of security David House. Mr House, in a press conference last week, informed the public that the government is planning on trying a pacific approach. "We have linguists from all over the world working in evergreen mills(government's operational base) right now trying to decode their language, and at the same time our physicians are about to find out what their spaceship is made of. Mr House's confidence and charisma certainly had an impact in the public present and helped to in lightening up the mood. "When asked by my Mrs. if the aliens could ever come to hurt us, I said to her: sweetie if I were to fight one of them the creature would be down in the first round", told him to the journalists in a humorous manner

The European Union, alongside China on the other hand don't agree with U.S' posture and think all effort should be put into expulsing the alien invasors. Yesterday Chinese president Kin Hong said "The United States' uninteligent approach has the potential to cause irrepairable damage" and that "the Chinese government won't commit the mistake of treating humanely that which is not human". Even in spite of all the critics, Mr House says the government will do its best to concilliate both nations' interests. "The United States and China are long-time alliens and we shall remain as allies", said him today morning in Las Vegas where he resides.

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