THE KEY (New World Order)

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How will you open your door without THE KEY???

Submitted: September 15, 2015

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Submitted: September 15, 2015



The Key (New World Order)


The key went in the door. It won’t unlock no more. But it was for certain. When they raised the curtain. It was revealed. What we all feel. When we hear the sound. Know I’m back in town. To show them one and all. To rise after you fall. It has been said and done. For us to overcome. The challenges before this race. The answers are right in our face. The chance to run an empire. And I will never tire. Peace, Prosperity, Love and Hope. Will keep us all strong and afloat. The ship that looked like it was sinking. While all the silent were still blinking. A new foundation was erected. To help the poor and the dejected. From suffering anymore. We can keep a brand new score. We just join our funds together until, there’s enough to pay for everyone’s meal. So no one goes hungry or unheard. So no one is lonely or misheard. The members of the foundation. Control the leading of nations. As we stand as one to prevent the war. As founder I will open a new door. Of experts in every area of need. I’m now in the new garden, planting new seeds. The garden of Eden was sure nice. But the garden of mine has added spice. It’s time to take a closer look. At all the writings in this book. For it tells of what’s to come. It will be done when it’s done. They’ll beintrigued by a mysterious writer like me. I’ll show them the door and hand over THE KEY.


Segregate the ones that would do us harm. Keep the chickens and roosters in the barn. While the Human race. Will take it’s new place. In a better place to live. There’s a catch – you have to give. Give to get and get to give. There’s one way for us to live. New order of things, from tip to toe. We could keep going down, but why go? When if we start this foundation. There’s no stopping the formation. Of streets paved with gold. Not selling – we’re sold. To the prospect of prosperity. It’s where we all get a piece you see. New stimulation. New education. Invigoration. For all nations.


It starts with a meeting for the minorities. And ends in a winning – The New Majority. Majority rules don’t they say? Every single step of the way. So come to this election please. It will be free, I’ll charge no fees. Let us start a trust fund called ‘’BLOOD OF LIFE’’. We all bleed the same when cut by a knife. Your attendance is required and please ‘chip in’. ‘Cause I have a way for all of us to win. If we combine our money we’ll have enough. They’ll have to pay attention to all of us. And what we determine we all require. It might just be what we all desire. We can all retire. And sit by the fire. The flames will burn so bright. Shine for those without light. Their voices finally heard at last. Now no one’s living in their past. It happens fast. When we all cast. Our united spell. There’ll be stock to sell. No longer in hell. The penny had fell. Into the fund that was controlled by us all. Not only that, it was at our beck and call.


Wars in the making became peace treaties for the taking. New policy and decision. With such a brand new precision. I can only write of this now. I’m the founder, you need not bow. I’m just leading the convention. It’s time for an intervention. Just when you thought you were reading fiction. I came up with another depiction. Of why we should start a trust. It’s so our kids don’t go bust. It’s the legacy we leave. To all those that seed. From the new garden I’m growing. The flowers meant for the showing. A demonstration that we can unite, set right, take flight, up right – tonight. The campaign is coming up. So you just bring your own cup. I’ll supply the drinks. We’ll fix all the kinks. In this chain called Life on Earth. It’s time for a new re-birth.


Blood of Life Foundation will prove. Even the mountains can move. If we speak the right words. We can all fly as birds. Way up high, nothing to obstruct. You are now part of the ‘construct’. A centre where we publish a weekly magazine. It will be read by the masses, they’ll know what we mean. And every edition of the mag is where. All the readers know of what we truly care. We all get a page so submit your article. Now we know we can be more than a particle. That sits on a dusty shelf too long. Waiting for help to come along. We’ll publish the online journal so everyone gets a chance to show. What their passions are, what they want done. Freedom of speech will help everyone. Blood of Life’s mag is written by the ones that usually don’t get a say. A ‘community newspaper’ to suggest a different and better way.


Soon it will spread, this ‘social journalism fever’. It will be by my foundation; it pulls the lever. So we all get a chance to voice opinions from home. We can all address the issues with a fine tooth comb. Not only that but for every issue sold. The profits go into the trust, just as gold. To accumulate so we can use our cash. To build an empire so we can ‘stash’. The gold for those who go without. They’ve got the meat, they’ve got the trout. Even simple things they needed, were previously defeated. But now in ample supply. They won’t have to wonder why. Blood of Life’s writings start the igniting.


An online group that formed through not writing the norm. By sticking to their vales they surpassed any challenge that was meant to last. Right through seasons, beginning and end. And around the corner we will send…


A copy of Blood Of Life magazine. To join together the ultimate team. To raise a substantial amount of funds. I trust it will be enough of a sum. To get the issues raised we’ll need to set right. So join this network, it’s for the day and night.


Protection, Peace, Prosperity and Power will be the minute of the trust fund’s hour.


Now there will be a committee. Don’t worry it’s not a pity. It’s a board of directors. We’ll have shiny reflectors. To shine the light back to one another. So there’s no one that is undercover. The board will dictate all leadership roles. From foundation member, to those on payroll. Each will get a unique but equal say. In how the foundation is run each day. From how each dollar is spent. To every published copy sent. Real people getting a real vote on the real issues, not to revoke. We’ll all be on the same boat. And we’ll ALL get a vote. I will denote. Although I’m broke. Just have my coat.


For I don’t need it anymore. I have THE KEY, the lock and the door…


Will all come to pass, of this I’m sure. Because it’s time for new law. And I know you’re feeling sore. But I’ve seen the apple core. The one that Adam and Eve dropped in the old garden that fell. But in the new garden, there’ll be new stories to tell.


So when you see this book upon that shelf. First and foremost buy this book for yourself. Pass it on. The game is on. It’s New World Order. New House, New Boarder.


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