The Lemmings Ordeal

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story that takes place in the far future. Follow the life of Lucas and his two artificially intelligent robots, Bunker and Ada. Luke's definitely not very smart, but what's the point in having intelligence when one of your smartest creations is following you at all times! So what do you do when you have three robots that are skilled, smart and strong.. well one of each I suppose. You rob a bank!

This is the first chapter of a story that I've been keeping to myself for awhile. I'm planning on writing more with this next chapter involving a lot of heart and explaining the tragic back story of Luke and how the robots came to be. I would love any criticism and comments seeing how this is not my final product and it was only quickly edited with plans of doing more after the second chapter is finished so I apologize for that.

Submitted: February 19, 2017

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Submitted: February 19, 2017



Chapter One... Or Just a Pilot


“I need everyone to put your hand on the floor!” Did I just say to the floor? They did as I asked, though. I guess having a gun to their temple is a great motivator. Wish I had that when I was on my diet.

“Sir. The vault has a triple bolt security measure. I can’t cut through without setting off the alarm.” Ada may have been a hunk of metal, but she was the sweetest bot I have ever met. Also the more intelligent out of the three plus me. She extremely complex compared to the others, mainly because I built her almost entirely on rage and sadness. I had to make her perfect, though my new creation is going to be pure perfection. Ada is simply the size of most humans such as myself. She has two pincers for hands and legs that are almost identical to that of a human beings. Her head was again, very similar to a human beings minus the fact that it can’t move and when she talked, the vocal ports will light up. Makes it easier to tell who's talking in large crowds.

“Apple has the security room on lock down and hopefully he shut down the alarms. Go ahead and get started, Ada.” I replied. “Now for all of you… er… Hostages!” What is this? A twentieth century movie? “I need you all to empty your pockets and remain calm. I don’t mind putting matter through that… matter?” I’m truly an idiot, aren’t I? I could hear Ada beginning on the safe so I guess the moment was going exactly how we wanted it to go. Everyone also was listening and doing exactly as I said. Damn Brits are great listeners when they aren’t admiring their own voices.

“Luke!” Yelled Bunker. “There are men with guns outside and I don’t know what to do!” Don’t get confused by his name. He is by all means not a mouse or near the size of one for that matter. If anything he’s about three times the size of me and can’t fit through doors. The poor guy is modified to be a mean war machine. Well minus the mean. He’s actually the kindest and and slowest bot I have ever met and only three have in the entire universe have a personality! He’s rigged up with tesla coils on main hull. Those coils are suppose to supercharge the effects of the light matter cannon he has on his left side of his hull. The other side has a simple pincher because everyone deserves the ability to pick things up.

“Well you're there to shoot them, Bunker!” Sometimes his stupidity surprises me, “So shoot them!”

“I don’t wanna!” Bunker yelled back.

“God damn it! Please?!”

“They are people too!” THEY ARE BRITS!

“Bunker?” Said Ada.

“Yes, sis?” Said luke. Still not doing as I asked.

“Do you remember Lizabeth ?”

“No no no. Stop right now.” I attempted to stop her, but she wasn’t going to listen.

“Ya… Yes.” Bunker replied in an almost spirit shattering manner. Still not doing as I asked.

“Well I don’t. But from what you told me about her. She was absolutely perfect. She was right all the time and everything she told you to do was almost like taking orders from an angel herself. Am I right?”

“Yeah...:” Again. Time to talk, but not to shoot.

“You really think she would be with someone who would tell you to do something wrong?”

“No…” Bunker replied.

“Then maybe you should listen to Luke. Since she did chose him and all.” Finished Ada.


Finally he was going to shoot, but sadly we were out of time. The sporks (Space Pigs or Space Police) through a time temporal flash grenade. And like a second lost in time, a second was lost in time. Literally. Next thing I knew Ada and Bunker were deactivated and I was in handcuffs. Though during the trip to the station, I was thinking back at what Ada said. Lizabeth  was just as perfect as she was saying. I wish I didn’t lose her.

Chapter Two... Flashbacks Are Always Charming

The strengthened plastic transparent cover fit absolutely perfect over the years. Almost perfect that is. The real test was to see if it was really as malleable when it’s subjected to a bit of heat. I had jets that would shoot out a small amount of heat around each joint. This would loosen the bond between the molecules and allow the plastic cover to bend with the bots will. The test was to see if it would work. I stepped back and activated the bot from a terminal to it’s side. Let’s see if this bad boy wants to listen.

“Can you hear me?” I hadn’t added a voice projection unit to the bot yet so I had to read what it was trying to say off the terminal I used to power it.

<Affirmative> This bot had a simple program Lizabeth  whipped up for me. This program allowed me to command the bots, but the bots weren’t subjected to personalities… yet.

“Can you lift your left arm, please?”

<Left limb lifting> It lifted it’s left arm perfectly. You could see the steam from the jets move around the arm loosening up the rest of it slightly to make movement easier. The steam also covered the golden gears and joints that kept this thing moving. If I hadn’t had Lizabeth , i’d still be building only the hulls instead of moving creatures I guess you would call them.

“Lift your right arm, please.” I commanded the bot. Still don’t know why I keep saying please though. It’s not like I could offend it or anything.

<Right limb lifting> Just like that, the plastic shattered from the pressure.

“Son of a bitch!” I yelled, “I forgot to tighten…” I’m an idiot, “heat pressurizer…”

“Everything ok, Luke?” Lizabeth  yelled down.

“Yeah!” No. “Everything is just fine, Sweetheart!” Although it hadn’t been.

“Was that sound the girl scout?” She asked.

“No! It was the clockwork!”

“Well if you're not working on the girl scout. I am!” She finished. She came downstairs with a laptop in hand and the idea to work on the coding for a one of the newest bots we acquired for our small collection of one. A girl scout bot. These little fellas were purposed to sell a variety of items from door to door. Sadly they never had the items on them, little girls would deliver those. This girl scout bot had been long forgotten judging by the severe damage to it’s hull and lack of vocal recognition left. So when it arrived at our door, we kidnapped it. Well maybe not kidnapped, but we took it to repurpose it. Luckily for me the bot had a working hover jet meaning I just had to do a few modifications to the thrusters. It’s arms were badly injured and definitely could use some work. The hull was going to need to be entirely replaced and the head?; well I always changed the head to something that would better fit the bot’s soon to be personality.

Lizabeth  dragged a table towards the girl scout bot that was presently hanging in the center of the workspace. She tied her air back and then proceeded to retrieve a chair. Lizabeth  had been the smartest and most wonderfully stunning girl I had ever met. She may not have been able to sing or able to paint, but she had the ability to program a robot with an intelligence and a personality. A code she had been working on since she was only a teen. She would go on about how scientists and computer engineers would look and attempt to design an entire page of code that required to read off of itself and be able to pinpoint exactly what one emotion was triggered by, but if the bot is entirely running off of code instead of creating it, is it sentient? No. Not at all actually. Lizabeth  tried it and it caused a paradox in the mainframe that resulted in our first test to literally catch flames and explode. So she decided to spend her time not only working on a code that would allow a conscious to be held and maintained in a silicone board, but also how to transfer said consciousness. It worked with Bunker and me, except it didn’t go past the age of ten.

“You don't know how to program a bot. Do you?” Lizabeth  asked. Catching me completely off guard while I was working on cleaning the clockwork masterpiece.

“What?” I stopped to actually process what she said. “I don’t. No.”

“So that’s why you hired me in the first place.”

“Exactly. I was completely lost when it came to starting it up and when your job is literally repairing bots, I needed some sort of way to test its technical level of sanity, I guess is one way I can put it.”

“Sanity?” She giggled as she was furiously typing away on her keyboard. “You make it sound like the bots have feelings.”

“Bunker does have feelings.”

“Yeah, but I meant for every other bot you work on.”

“Well i’m not fancy, you four-eye 754 words per minute genius.”

“755.” She giggled and I laughed. It was moments like these I wish wouldn’t end, but what not a perfect time to spark another.

I finished cleaning the golden gears and plastic shards off the ground and walked over to Lizabeth who had been currently holding her head in her hands.

“My queen!” I yelled, “There is an issue that needs your attention!”

She looked up from her hands and gave me the ‘you're pathetic and you know it’ face.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“What doth you mean, My Queen?”

“I mean what's with the ‘doth’?”

“Can not i speak to my beloved queen?” Her giggles would fill my heart with more love than any other. “Now to urgent matters!”

“Fine. I’ll play along!” She cleared her throat, “What is it, peasant”

“That’s a low blow,” I said quietly. “This peasant,” Adding emphasis on peasant, “would like to invite you to a dance.”

“But I do not have a clue as it is to dance.” She replied, uncontrollably giggling.

“What is this madness!?” I did a spin and swung my left arm out implying ‘take my hand’. “I shall commence the dance with a kiss on the hand!”

Lizabeth  lightly placed one of her hands in mine and wrapped the other firmly around my waste. She definitely knows how to dance, I thought to myself. I led with one foot backwards, then other to the left and so on and so forth. I held her close to me and promised myself that I would never let her go. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. She’d kill me. Just the way her orange hair flowed with her spins and the palm of her hand in mine made me want to hold on to her even tighter. She giggled and I smiled, it seemed like a moment out of some sappy romantic book, but as funny as it is, life has a strange way to ruin the moment.

“My Queen dances like wine in a glass!” I said, sparking more conversation and slowly stopping our spinning. Her giggles turned to a smile while she used her left hand to adjust her glasses.

“You're a nerd.” She lightly smacked me in the face, playing of course. As shocked as I was, I slowly looked up towards the sky and said the words;

“Please god, give me your power!” Of course I was a nerd. “Then out of nowhere-” The Peasant was now the narrator, “two large swords land before us. One shines with the purple and was inscribed with the latin word for ‘void’. Of course the Peasant, or I, pick it up. The second glowed with fire! Inscribed on the side was ‘Furious Bitch’. The Queen reaches down and picks it up. The name was only fitting.”

“Then this Furious Bitch or a queen swung her mighty sword, which doubled that of the peasants, straight for the peasants head.” Lizabeth would create the story as she acted it out, so when she came down to ‘swinging the sword’, she did.

“Terrified was the Peasant, but of course any size sword is no match for me! I mean look at the massive muscles!” I responded.

“Muscles! Ha. You are but a nerd and a peasant. One who cannot even block a sword correctly!” That right, she swung Furious Bitch at me!


“I block the attack with my own sword!” Just as her sword ricocheted off mine, her laptop beeped and set the mood astray. I just looked up at her through my raised arms. She looked at me then rushed for the computer. “What is it?” I asked, confused.

“It worked!” With that she looked up at me with a smile and back down at her computer, laughing like a little girl on christmas day.

“What worked?” I asked, still very curious.

“I’ve connected my memory card to the code. Now when we chose to or if I pass away before activating it, my memory will be automatically transferred into this code. Which in return is going to be automatically transferred into her!”

“Your ten year old memories.” I said with a snarky attitude.

“No, Luke. I fixed that. This bot of yours should be able to share all of my memories and feelings.”

“Well, to change the subject.” I stepped around the table and dragged my toolkit towards the girl scout bot. “How about we work on her and get her prepared.”

“Sounds good to me.” She smiled and took her glasses off. She placed them on the table and stepped towards the bot where she laid underneath the thruster, as she always did. This was common, she enjoyed getting lost in the rings under the bot and also spending time next to me while I worked. She used to say I looked adorable when I was serious.

I worked on the bot for about twenty minutes when she sparked some conversation,

“Am I technically looking up her skirt right now?” She asked.

I giggled and replied with, “Yeah you pervert.” and the thrusters kicked on. I was tightening the power switches cover back on after replacing it and I must have turned it on by accident. She started to scream. I tried untightening the cover as fast as I could, but stopped when she screamed my name. Instead I gave up on turning it off and tried to pull her away, but I couldn’t. She was kicking to much and I couldn’t grab her legs. All of a sudden she wasn’t screaming, but she was still kicking. Why? How? I then realized that her mouth was melted shut. Her skin was bubbling, and her eyes weren’t blue. Her hair was on fire and even though I couldn’t read her emotions, I knew she was scared. I still tried to help her. With one movement, I grabbed the hammer on  the ground and started smashing the bot as hard as I could. “Die!” I yelled. “Just die damn you!” Angry and sad, I eventually damaged the Hull enough that the bot shut down with the word ‘Luke’.

“Liz! Liz please!” I reached down and tried to pull her away, but I couldn’t. Her flesh melted to the concrete. “Please!” Tears ran down my face and dropped onto her lifeless corpse. He beautiful face was now just black and misshapen. My heart was torn and shattered. “Please Liz…” My screams of terror began to turn to quite cries for a miracle.”Please be ok. Please be here.” But no matter how much I screamed, she wasn’t getting any better. She was gone. Except for the Bot.


© Copyright 2020 Lucas Lemmings. All rights reserved.

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