twilight times

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this is a poem about my past.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




being young means to love without case

i grew up in the times of twilight

Edward and Jacob and i was a Bella

i like to remember this beautiful days as i look up at the sky wishing i could see a shooting star

i would wish to go back in time ..

back to my twilight times..

this is not another poem about how a man can ruin your life

this is a poem about how 2 man can change your life

how can a heart be split and yet spit nothing but love?

there was a boy that seemed to make my heart feel warm

 without knowing i fell into the deepest hole, the hole of love

he made sure to love me to the fullest, commanded me to feel beautiful

expert at it he stole my heart

he made sure to make my heart declare its love in many ways

he drew a smile on my face as soon as the sun raised and permanent pen he must had used because this smile never seemed to erase 

i love you was his favorite words

my voice his favorite melody

my heart his happiness

he wiped my tears away when i had gotten hurt

he gave me the medicine of love to cure my disease

he grabbed the moon and left it in my hands

one day a storm arrived

this boy left me in the darkest night

i heard a sound as i sat in the dark

it was just the sound of my heart that was crushed on the floor

oh god i loved this boy with such passion

my heart will become stable as the years go by

thou its missing a piece

this boy being the worst thief will refuse to give it back even after i die.

there was you my best friend

you were there in the darkest times that i was left in

you brought a torch of light and when there was light you fought to keep it alive

i may ask what i felt for you, a type of feeling that's unknown

thou I'm sure that in mars exists

its called love

even thou i refuse to show how much you meant in my life

i was sure to swim an ocean for you

i developed feelings for you my dear that up to this day i seem to fear.

important is to tell myself i love you important is to tell myself you mean the world

 unimportant is to let you know

how much do i wish i could take away the pain in your beautiful eyes

replace your frown with an open smile

wish i could see a shooting star...

i would wish to go back in time

back to my twilight times.

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