Legend of the last man standing.

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A sory of a man born to save a world where fairytales are reality and legends play out.

Submitted: September 09, 2013

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Submitted: September 09, 2013



 It was a darklit night as the smell of blood painted the sky red.A light warm breeze blew and as the two met the sight was death.As my eyes gave me the sight of my slain friend.I felt my vains fill with furious anger as i shouted:\"The killer will be killed!\"Only to realise that the killer infact was me.It has been 18 years since i first heard the voice,The voice in my head.All my life the voice had been a helpfull hint.Helping me out of situations that surely would have predicted my end.But today...The voice betrayed me by making me kill my only friend.Is it a disease?Or is it?

Mabe its me seeking comfort for the fact that i have no family.I dont understand.How can i be 2 men in one?Is he the stronger part of my mind?Why did we murder Paul?Tears floded my eyes as i saw a tall man covered in armour appear from the darkness.He walked towards me and said.\"I am looking for a man named Claudious.\"

\"I am him\"I replied with the last bit of pride in my voice.\"I am sir Edwaed peacekeeper of the old world and i am in need of your help.\"I looked at him confused and asked.\"How can i? A homeless murderer help you?\"He swiftly replied

\"A man is not juged by what he has and what he has done.It is what he can become what makes him a man.\"He pointed to the mountians and said:

\"Beyond those mountians there lies a world.A world you were born to save.You see its been kept secret for ages.Keeping a balance between your word and mine.

\"What is your world?\"I asked in dissbelieve.

\"My world is the world where farytales are reality and legends play out...But i fear it is doomed without your help.\"

\"What makes you so sure i can help you?\"

\"Prophecy fortells it.\"

\"How can you be so sure i am the prophesized one?Surely more than one carry's this name?\"

He looked at me fully convedent and replied

\"Only one slayed a spy on this day.\"

Suddenly i understood.

\"So will you help us?\"

I paused for a moment and said:\"Yes.\"

\"My king will be overjoyed.\"

Sir Edward shouted.We traveled trough wind and rain without sleep.Stoping only to eat.I saw a few marvelious and horrorble things along the way.I began to feel drowsy but it soon went away as we approached the tall gates of the old world.We came to a stillstand as i marveled at  the tall woodin gates.I heard sir Edward shout.

\"It is i,i bring good news prophecy will play out in this man if his fate so choose.\"

The gates swung open and i fond myself at a loss of words.The old world was everything he said and more.Fary's giving light to the night,a dragon flying past the moon and even a wizard casting a spell.

\"Now you see why we have to fight.\"Sir Edward said softly and we raced off to the castle.On our arrival i fond myself once again astonished.For i never have imagined to see a drawbrige.We headed straight for the king's throneroom and aproached two guards.

\"I wish to speak with the king.\"

Sir Edward said and the guards opened the door.We went in and the doors closed behind us.Sir Edward indicated me to wait at the door as walked towards the king's throne.He kneeled down and said.

\"Your majesty i present to you Claudious.\"

The king slowly got up and spoke as he walked towards me.

\"For years prophecy gave us hope in your name.\"

I kneeled down as he came closer.


The king shouted and said.

\"You dont kneel to me i kneel to you.\"

As he kneeled down.I was to overwelmed to speak.He got back up and walked to his throne and said.

\"You've just arrived so you have not noticed yet that the sun does not rise here.You see we are at war with the insomniacs,horrable creatures that nead not sleep.Thank God for the beasts that keep them at bay.\"

\"Why do you fight?\"

I asked confused.

\"Why do we fight?\"

The king asked with a furious tone in his voice.

\"We fight because they took away our sun.Sentencing us to a slow and horrable death.No life is possable in eternal darkness.\"

He turned to sir Edward and said

\"Escort Mr Claudious to his chambers you need the sleep.\"

\"Yes my lord.\"

We walked down a flight of stairs and he showed me to my room.

\"Sleep whell we have a long day tomorrow,or night,you know what i mean.\"

He walked back up the stairs.It was then i first saw her...She was absolutely perfect.My heart started beating faster and faster as she walked towards me.She aproached me and out of my nevesnious i began to speak.

\"In all my 23 years i have never seen such glamour and grace.Honestly its as if your the first women i ever saw in my life.\"

She smiled and said.

\"I am Magdilene and you are?\"


She then replied.

\"For someone who began so sweet you pronounce your name awfully quick.I taught you more of a warrior than such a sweet man.\"

\"On such beuty even the forsaken finds love in its heart.\"

She smiled and said

\"You've earned this after such amazing words.\"

Then on first touch a kiss.Her soft lips on mine sent a shiver down my spine.All i could feel was pure extacy.She slowly pulled back and her eyes opened.She softly wispered in my ear

\"Now go to sleep.\"

Then we parted.I wanted to call her back but i could'nt speak.So i just wached her every movement until she dissapeared around the corner.I went in my room,lied down and taught of her till i fell asleep.


My eyes opened and i saw Sir Edward place armour on the bed as he said

\"I wait for you in the garden.\"

I got dressed and saw Sir Edward sit with a troubled look on his face.Then i asked

\"What troubles you my friend?\"

He looked at me,i saw a tear roll down his face as  he said

\"I live in a world where everyone gets an happy ending.I see it day by day but i fear mine is not gonna happen.I dont wanna sound cowardly but i fear the end is near.I dont wanna die alone.I dont wanna be remembered as the man who never knew love.\"


Someone shouted and we ran towards the screams.Then saw an insomniac stood still in the courtyard.We came apon him he said

\"I wish not to fight.\"

\"What do you propose then?\"

Sir Edward asked.

\"To tell you the truth and show you your real enemy.\"

He turned and indicated us to follow him into the woods.Sir Edward had a worryd look on his face but followed him nuntheless.As we entered the woods we fond ourselfs surrounded by insomniacs.


Sir Edward shouted and drew his sword.

\"Lower your sword,we wish not to harm you.We wish to call a truce.\"

An elder insomniac calmly said

\"A truce.Why?Because we are not the enemy.\"

\"What do you mean not the enemy?\"

Sir Edward asked with a furious tone.\"

\"The beast you love so much is infact the allseeing demons.They posses the abilaty to tell presant,future and past.But the sun burns their eyes leaving them inable to use the gift.Then only stand by you to blind you.Who better to blame then us sleepless souls.\"

A sound came from a nearby bush and we saw a beast ran off.Sir Edward imediatly persued and takeled him.As they hit the ground sir Edward was on top of him.Suddenly Sir Edward droped and the beast gigeled as he ran off.I began to run to Sir Edward.When i got to him i saw a dagger had pearced his chest.I could hear him drown in his own blood as he spoke his last words.

\"I believe in you,your happy ending will come.So brilliant it will effect everyone.\"

As his head droped my blood began to boil.I stood up and turned towards the insomniacs.

\"You say you are not the enemy.I believe you.Now i ask you to believe in me.Stand with me in battle so we can whitewash this fucking heartless abomanation.\"

One steped foward and said

\"This is legend in the making...and you know what i just realised.Our forefathers was not worried men.They where just like us....Afraid..It is obvious by now the reson we do not sleep at night is because we fear death.Giving us a dissease of sleeplessness equal to imortality.Whell i wont fear no more.I wanna dream,i wanna be revitalised everyday.He believed us and gave us peace without a fight...For that i believe in him so it would be an honour to follow him to death.

So what do you say?

Shall we grant him his wish.\"

A deep silence came apon them and their cheers floded the sky.We marched straight to the kings throneroom.After we told the king he indicated all men to gather in the square.When all was presant the king spoke.

\"Sir Edward met death today.By the doing of a beast....It apears we have been pointing our anger in the wrong direction we appologise for that...Sir Edward fell for our world and his unbreakable belief in Claudious.Let us give him tribute by soluting him with the victory of this battle.\"

Their cheers formed a roar that eco'ed in the mountians for 15 min.When they quiet down the king said.

\"Now rest men you'll need the strength.\"

All went home to finalise things with their loved ones.Nun of them went with the intension to go sleep.As i wached the last few left i heard an insomniac say.

\"Mmm Sleep.I wish i can go unconsious for a few hours.\"

Another smiled and said

\"Your wish is my command.\"

Then knocked him out.They all laught.I smiled and went off to my chambers.As i entered my chamberes i saw Magdilene had been waiting for me.She looked at me sadly and said

\"I dont want you to go fight tomorrow.I know i dont know you long but i love you you are my soulmate.As plain as blood is in my body i swear its true.

I sat down next to her and explained

\"If i dont fight tomorrow no one will.It is my destany...Believe me there is nothing id rather do than stay here with you tomorrow..but i have to forefill my destany so you can live on.\"

I lifted her head and kissed her.Held her tight in my arms and wispered

\"Till death to us part.\"As my eyes began to water as she began to cry.She held me tighter and Said

\"Promise you'll be carefull.\"

I could'nt help but shed a tear as i replied

\"I promise.\"

I never had anyone care so much about me before.She repeatedly kissed me as she said

\"I love you.\"

Over and over.she tuned and walked to the door.


I shouted

\"I thingk you sould sleep by me tonight.\"

We layed looking at eachother neither saying a word.At that moment nothing else mattered.She fell asleep as i played with her hair.I couldnt sleep so i spent the whole night waching her.

\"Goodmorrow Claudious.\"

The king entered my room and placed a sword on the bed

\"We go to battle in a hour.\"

The king said.I then replied

\"Do not wake her,Her tears will make my heart weak.\"

Then he left the room.An hour past.I looked at her,kissed her on the forehead and softly said

\"There has never been another i loved as i love you.\"

We gathered in the courtyard.

\"Brave men.\"

The king began his modivation speech

\"That is what you are.I know your heart hurts for your loved one's.Be strong it is for them we fight today.So let it be known that on this day we cast this evil down to hell.\"

They cheered.The king then mounted his horse and lead us to the battle ground.We went trough the woods to an open field next to the river and saw 10 000 that stood to oppose us.

\"They deserve to be blind charge!\"

The king shouted as he raced forward.We charged never was i so brave and full of fear at once.As impact was mad a rain of blood began to shower us.Our numbers grew less but so did theirs.I felt a burning sentsation in my back that numed my body.Forcing me to drop to my knees.Suddenly all faded to black and i heard the voice in my head say.

\"On passing we become one.\"

I blew out my last breath and felt my heart stop.Im not sure if i died or not but i felt a stronger lifeforce flow trough my vains.My eyes opened with a new focus on the battle.I fearlessly slayed one after the other and with the king's final blow the battle was won.I saw the king drop to his knees.I ran towards him and said.

\"You cant die now.\"

He smiled and said

\"I knew this all along that's why i stipulated in my will you are to be crowned as king on first light.\"

He started shivering and his head droped.I stood up and i heard the voice speak for the last time.

\"My purpose is done...Farewhell old friend.\"

Today i saw the saw the sun rise from the battlefield.It rose on me as king and my fair Magdilene as my queen.



Special Tanks to Nandi for inspiring me to write this.

© Copyright 2017 LUCIANO FISHER. All rights reserved.

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