The Same Old Case of Depressed Man Kills Himself

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A proper suicide deserves a proper poem.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Caliginous, was the day of my depart.
Beautiful yet bleak.
Jovial yet dejected.
With my mind into the breach.
My heart shattered, yet accepted.

Farewell to thee
of those I love,
and may you grace the world
with the unique attributes
of yours, I love.

I simply broke.
Never really belonged, I thought.
Joyous I feel in leaving.
I would say don't worry,
but then again I'm realistic.

My depart might leave you confused,
but for the best it was I assure. 
My only wish is of those I love to enjoy life.
Unlike mine, which I couldn't endure.

Forget my name and memory.
Let me evaporate.
Continue your journey,
those of you amongst my final display of life.
The world is so beautiful from the right angle.

However, my vision it dims...

This won't hurt.

"Jonathon Shawn Typical Suicidal"


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